CPP Tip of the Month

CPP Tip of the Month: Easy Countertop Updates

One of our clients recently tipped us off to an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update your countertops. Don’t want to spend the money to do a complete replacement? Need to touch up a few scraped and scratches? Countertop paint (like those from Rustoleum) offer a great way to update the look of your space without investing a lot of time and money.

A few companies offering the product:


Giani Granite

Diach Coatings

Note: This does not constitute an official endorsement and Coastal Premier Properties possesses no knowledge of the quality of the product.


CPP Tip of the Month

CPP Tip of the Month

Got a stubborn drain? Don’t want to shell out for expensive solutions like Drano? Drop 3 Alka-Seltzer tabs down the sink, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Stopper. Wait fifteen minutes and follow with a pot of boiling water. This is also a great solution for sink odors. Do not use this method after treatment with a commercial drain opener.


CPP Tip of the Month: September

Contemplating a change of scenery for the fall? If you’re looking to change up the color of your walls, keep these few things in mind:

-Light colors make a room seem larger, while dark colors can make it seem smaller. Reserve dark colors for adding interest or to bring out small details.

-Paint door frames and moldings the same color as the wall to make them blend in. Paint them a contrasting color to make them stand out.

-If you have an open floor-plan or rooms that connect, create unity by keeping the same color elements from room to room. For example, two rooms can be connected by the same accent color painted on the door frames.

-Don’t neglect the floor! The color and texture of your floors, be they stone, carpet, wood, or tile, can affect the overall feel of the room when it comes to color.

-Paint test squares on your wall, in the areas with the most light and least light, to get an idea of how the color will work with the natural light in your home. Live with it for a few days before settling down to do the big painting job.

CPP Tip of the Month

CPP Tip of the Month


Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, it’s inevitable that your walls will become dotted with small holes and marks. Use a butter knife to smooth non-gel toothpaste into the holes. To smooth the surface, sand it. Non-gel toothpaste even works on crayon marks. Simply scrub it onto the offending marks and wipe until it’s gone.

CPP Tip of the Month

CPP Tip of the Month


Who doesn’t love the look of beautiful wood floors or furniture? But over time, these items can take quite a beating. Rather than replace them or pay to them refinished, try these do-it-yourself tricks.

-For a minor scratches, choose a crayon that matches the color of your wood. Color in the scratch and buff.

-For larger marks, permanent marker will do the trick.

-Try rubbing the meat of a pecan or walnut into the scratch.

-To bring wood floors back to life without sanding, check out Mr. Sandless!

CPP Tip of the Month: May


Most people wait until they have a problem to fix something. Our tip of the month for May is to be proactive! Have your air conditioner serviced BEFORE it breaks. As we get into summer, most service companies get very busy. If you do have a problem later on, you might have to wait before they can fit you in to their schedule. Prices also tend to go up during peak season, too. Make an appointment today to have your air conditioner checked out and the filters replaced. It’ll save you a headache later on and ensure that your air conditioner keeps working to keep you cool all summer long!