Food Truck of the Moment: Tabe BBQ Fusion


If you’re a San Diego local, you know there’s an abundance of delicious Mexican and Asian cuisine to experience. However, there are some eateries in San Diego that combine both cultural cuisines and offer a unique (but also familiar) Mexican-Asian fusion dish! The Tabe BBQ Fusion truck takes elements from both popular Mexican and Korean dishes to create an amazing and tasteful meal.

Their most popular menu items are the OMG Korean BBQ tacos and burritos, where marinated Korean ribs or seasoned chicken are put in a traditional taco shell or burrito alongside Mexican-style vegetables and sauces. Another highly recommended dish and one we have personally tried and loved is the Tabe Asada Fries which are skinny-cut fries mixed with cheeses, onions, peppers, hot sauce, and of course Korean BBQ beef.

If you can’t decide between Asian or Mexican takeout for dinner, get the best of both worlds and locate a Tabe BBQ Fusion food truck near you!

Food Truck of the Moment: Kiko’s Place

4404 Texas St

San Diego, CA 92116

San Diego is known for its amazing seafood and Mexican dining options, ranging from taco stands to fancy restaurants. Kiko’s Place (the “place” actually being a mobile food truck) takes the best of both worlds and serves delicious Mexican-style seafood dishes! They are well-known for their quality fish tacos offering everything from octopus to shrimp! They also serve different kinds of ceviche, oysters, clams, quesadillas, burritos, and more. Their fish items are always fresh and match the quality of seafood served by other highly esteemed, San Diego restaurants. Their primary location on Texas St is always busy especially during meal times so make sure you get there early to beat the crowd!


Food Truck of the Moment: Red Oven Pizza


It’s finally pizza night, but you’re feeling too lazy to drive all the way to your local spot for pick up and you don’t want to pay extra for delivery. What’s a pizza-lovin’ San Diegan to do? See where Red Oven Pizza’s food truck is at, of course!

Inspired by Napoletana and Alsatian pizzas originating from Italy, Red Oven Pizza uses only fresh ingredients, hand-crafted dough, and their own special Italian wood-fired oven. You can choose from their Napoletana menu options or opt for the classics: cheese, pepperoni, or meat lovers. They also have a small variety of sides such as salads or garlic breads.

Here’s a primer on Napoletana-style pizzas: the process starts with the ingredients, importing all the top shelf cheeses, prosciutto, flour, and oils from Naples so you can enjoy an authentic pizza as if you ordered it from a Napoli pizzeria! The end result is simply delicious, with the right combination of warm, melted cheese, soft baked crust, high quality vegetables and your choice of either homemade Marinara, Margherita, or Margherita Extra sauce.

So next pizza night, keep your eyes peeled for the Red Oven food truck!


Food Truck of the Moment: Super Q


Super Q Food Truck brings to San Diego the best hickory-smoked BBQ on the west coast! They serve All-American BBQ with elements of North Carolina, Texas and St. Louis styles. If you are craving classic American cuisine such as sandwiches, sliders, and of course, BBQ, make sure you catch this food truck at its next stop!

Our favorite menu items are the Super Q Pork Melt, Knock Out Chicken, and their BBQ Asada fries. They also have some lighter options such as the BBQ chicken salad, house-made potato salad, sweet potato fries, and daily vegetarian specials you can ask for on the spot! The chefs on board do not start barbecuing your meal until the moment you order, so everything is grilled to your specifications and the ingredients are fresh and hand prepared. Make sure to satisfy your next BBQ craving at the Super Q food truck!

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