People of CPP: Meet Blair Golden

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking to Blair Golden, one of our fabulous San Diego Realtors!

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Coastal Premier Properties: How did you get started in the real estate industry?

Blair Golden: I worked for years in advertising in Chicago and Los Angeles with top clients such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds. When I moved to San Diego I did marketing for Baskin-Robbins ice cream and then I started doing freelance marketing work for small businesses. One of my clients was a Realtor and I helped her with her marketing and staging and went with her on some showings. I loved it! I felt like it merged all of my skills and I promptly got my license. I was lucky that when I launched my career in Real Estate, I had an incredible mentor. She taught me all the important skills to have — knowledge of contracts, continued education, legal items to be conscious of, how to market myself on the internet, how to blog, generate leads, client management skills, tips to sell in new home communities, and much more. I became her buyer’s agent and hit the ground running. Every year has gotten better and better. I am so grateful for her showing up when she did as my mentor. Sometimes angels appear on our path and she was definitely one of mine.

CPP: What is your secret to staying motivated?

BG: Motivation is a mental mindset. I visualize success all of the time. I stay motivated by having tunnel vision towards my goal. I believe great clients will show up and they do! I have been blessed to have amazing clients. I reach out to them often and when I am having an off day I I also try to practice gratitude for all of my successes. Coastal Premier Properties offers an incredible coaching course called AID (which stands for Appreciation Intention Delegation). A small group of us meet every other week to support each other to stay motivated and to create and manifest what we want to show up in our lives.

CPP: What do you like best about CPP?

BG: Without a question, my two favorite things about CPP are Amy Green and Susan Meyers-Pyke. They have set the tone for an incredible company. I met them while doing a transaction with them years ago and I enjoyed working with them so much! They model integrity and intelligence. They really care for their clients and they are so incredibly authentic. At CPP, I also really love the AID coaching. And Shannon the marketing director is also great, she teaches classes on the latest marketing trends and helps me with my marketing as well. I love that Amy and Susan are always there to answer a question, as is our broker, Tom Tucker. No matter how long you’re in this industry, there is always something that comes up in a transaction so it’s nice to have a team of trusted advisors.

CPP: How do you personally define success?

BG: Success for me is setting out to achieve something and then attaining that goal. For me, success is having a thriving real estate business, having a great family, being healthy, and having joy and wonder in my life. Balance is key for me and I feel I am most successful when I am working with great clients and my personal and professional life are in flow.

CPP: What are your strengths as a Realtor?

BG: I have an innate understanding of people. I am able to connect with my clients and understand what they are looking to achieve. Once I understand their goals, I am extremely focused at finding them the home they want or getting the best possible price for their home. I like to be straightforward yet firm when negotiating on my clients’ behalf. I approach every transaction with the utmost integrity and always have my clients’ best interest at the forefront. Buying or selling a home can get very stressful and highly emotional at times so during a transaction I strive to be calm, rational, organized, and communicative. I like to keep my clients informed and feeling well taken care of. Satisfied clients make me happy and I like to think that being a Realtor is a very important job as I get to guide my clients to their next home where so many life cycle events and experiences will happen for them. It’s a huge life choice and I get to be their partner on their journey.

CPP: What are your favorite neighborhoods in San Diego?

BG: I have so many! I love Santaluz as I raised my kids there for many years and for people looking for a “lifestyle” community with beautiful topography, incredible events, and unique homes, it is one of my favorites. I like Del Sur for younger families as there are kids on every street, excellent schools, and they have really started building up the retail in the area. Leucadia and Encinitas are also great. Beach living with great yoga studios, healthy restaurants, coffee shops, great shopping, beaches, etc. Carmel Valley is a great choice for families as the schools are excellent and it is close to everything! I like North Park for younger people that like more of the eclectic lifestyle and a bit of a night life. Del Mar, La Jolla, the list goes on. I think San Diego has many different areas that can be a good fit for many different people. That is why I love to get to know my clients and what they are looking for as it really allows me to find the ideal neighborhood for them. I have lived in many different areas throughout San Diego from downtown to La Costa to Carmel Valley so I am able to provide my clients with lots of perspective.

CPP: If you weren’t a Realtor, what would you be doing?

BG: If I weren’t a Realtor I would be doing something in the field of healing. To me it is important to give back and make this planet a better place. Helping people better their lives is important to me.


People of CPP: Meet Stephanie Ko and Tammy Garcia

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking to Stephanie Ko and Tammy Garcia, Realtors and partners serving the San Diego and Palm Springs areas.


Coastal Premier Properties: First off, tell us about yourself! How did you become partners?

Stephanie and Tammy: We met through a scripting meeting. We were connected through the mentorship group and from then on we started working on open houses together. After a few months of being each others accountability partners we decided to become partners officially! We are currently working on building our team to expand and help other new Realtors entering the business!

CPP: How do you keep each other motivated?

S&T: We have the same short-term and long-term goals and we are always reminding each other of these goals. On top of that, our core values are the same which helps us regroup when we need to and make decisions quickly and efficiently that will help us move down the path towards our goals and what we want out of life overall!

CPP: Which of your skills overlap? In what ways are you different?

S&T: We both have bold, assertive personalities! We are both go-getters and work at the same tempo. Stephanie is very personable and very visual. She can quickly gauge situations and see what would be best for our clients. Tammy is analytical and likes to research data. If you need numbers on anything from comparable sales, how much to put down, or any background data on a property, she is the one to go to! We balance each other out. The great thing is we are learning from each other as we go, which continues to help our business!

CPP: What areas do you work in?

S&T: We began our journey in San Diego with our hub being Carmel Valley as we both were residents of Carmel Valley. We then extended our business to cover all of San Diego as time based on our clients’ needs. Then we saw an opportunity in the desert. We have doubled business by extending out to Palm Springs and the entire desert as many clients in San Diego look for second homes in that area. We have also expanded our business to connect with local businesses and hospitals to help with their employee and student relocations.

CPP: What do you like best about being part of Coastal Premier Properties?

S&T:  Coastal Premier provides great resources for the agents. The company gives us great classes to help us keep updated on what is going on in the industry. There are also wonderful agents that work at CPP! The company is very picky with whom they choose to come in and this creates an environment and culture that is consistent throughout the company. We think the best part has been meeting life-long friends and colleagues who have the same vision of providing our clients with the best service possible by being knowledgable and doing all we can to get them what they need while continuing to educate them. Learning and sharing skills with our colleagues has been so beneficial. This is true no matter what stage of your business you are in. In short, CPP is family!

CPP: Why did you choose real estate as a career path?

S&T: Real Estate is a very unique career. It is something that gives you flexibility in your own life, but once you are in it you realize you work more than than most 9-5ers. So what keeps us going through the long hours is that it is an industry that brings everything we love together. We get joy from helping others, always try to keep up with new trends, and enjoy developing our own business. We also have a love for architecture and interior design and just working with and for people! This is a people industry! Being a part of one of the biggest decisions that people make in finding a home or financial investment is an honor and a blessing to us!

CPP: What are the biggest opportunities facing the industry right now?

S&T:  The biggest opportunity in the industry today is being a listing agent! There are too many buyers compared to sellers at this time! If you are ready to sell this is a great time as most of San Diego and Palm Springs has come out of the down fall of ’08 and money is there to be made!

CPP: How do you enjoy your free time outside of work?

S&T: We both enjoy our free time outside of work with family and friends and we always try to incorporate fitness into our life. Overall, we try to appreciate every moment including the times when business is a bit slower. We also make sure to travel at least once a year to turn our minds off and rest!

People of CPP: Meet Julie Houston

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking to Julie Houston, a longtime San Diego Realtor and leader of The Houston Team!

Julie new cropped headshot

Coastal Premier Properties: Who or what has influenced you the most in real estate? How did you get to where you are today?

Julie Houston:  My father influenced me to get into real estate.  He has been a broker for years in Illinois.

CPP: How would you describe the biggest changes in real estate culture from when you started to present day?

JH: Technology is the biggest change from when I started.

CPP: How do you continue to create an environment where motivation can thrive?

JH: POSITIVITY for motivating team.

CPP: How did you know CPP was the right fit for you?

JH:  Just meeting with Amy & Susan and hearing their philosophy I knew CPP was the right fit. I wish I would have moved away from the big company many years earlier, but these last 3 years have been my best ever!!

CPP: What keeps you busy outside of work?

JH: I love to workout, travel,  spend time with my girls, and friends.

CPP: What qualities do you look for in your Houston Team members?

JH: I look for positive team members that are committed to working and being a team player at all levels!

CPP: What sets the Houston Team apart from other San Diego real estate teams? 

JH: I believe that our world class customer service and top of the line marketing sets us way apart from other real estate teams in San Diego!!

For our next people of CPP series, we’ll be speaking with Stephanie Ko and Tammy Garcia!

People of CPP: Meet Kristi Nation

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking to Kristi Nation, one of our longtime Realtors at CPP!

Kristy final

Coastal Premier Properties:  What were the greatest challenges you faced when starting as a new agent?

Kristi Nation: I began my career in the 1980s. At that time my greatest challenge was my youth. It was certainly not the norm to be in your early 20s and selling real estate. In that era, an young woman selling real estate was the exception! I was by far the youngest person in any office I ever worked for. Getting support from other agents was out of the question with one exception: an amazing woman named Jean Taylor.  Jean was a top agent, and often helped me. Getting support from a successful agent was out of the ordinary.

CPP: Did you have a mentor when you started? If so, what values did you take away from them?

KN: The idea of a mentor was not there at the time.  Most people in the office were not willing to share ideas and help a “newbie” succeed. Especially a young woman without experience.   My mentor was the school of hard knocks.   I realized, in order to be more successful I needed to have a better understanding of the real estate business.  Therefore  I accepted a position as a mortgage loan officer.  My mentor was Carol, a senior loan processor who believed in me, and my hard work ethic, and loved the fact that I was young and eager to work and learn.  She taught me the “deal” and made sure I knew every answer. She taught me to be savvy and helped me overcome the deterrent of my youth, with the power of knowledge. I will always be grateful to Carol.  She believed in me when I didn’t. With the help of Carol, I had something not even the experienced real estate agents had at the time.  I had the power of knowledge and how to get a deal done.   I loved the confidence she gave me.

I eventually went back into real estate where I was able to use the knowledge I learned from being a loan officer.  I also met a wonderful associate and friend.  Her name was Susan Meyers.  Susan was my age and the only other “youngster” I ever knew that was in real estate. She and I both worked hard and eventually were tops agents in our Re/max office.  Yes, I’m talking about the owner of CPP.  We’ve known each other a long time.

CPP: What do you enjoy most about working for Coastal Premier Properties?

KN: CPP is different than other office and what I enjoy most is the culture of sharing. I can freely share my ideas with other agents and they reciprocate because we all want to help each other succeed. If we succeed, our clients succeed! It is a non-competitive atmosphere.  We do not have a score board with stars for each of our deals.  I never liked the idea of providing a service for a client, and then turning it into an award show.  We have a poster board where we can put up photos of happy clients with their big smiles.  Amy and Susan are hard working yet share ideas, beliefs, values and offer support when ever we need it. Our Broker, Tom Tucker, is easy going, so smart, and always available to help us with questions on the contract and legal advice.

CPP:  What would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?

KN: That I often stay friends with my clients after the deal is done.

CPP: Where are you favorite places to travel?

KN: Although I’ve traveled to South America and Europe, when younger, today I prefer staying in the US and I particularly love the West. The high desert is a favorite with the always changing lighting and scenery.  Short road trips, close to home are for me!

CPP: What keeps you busy outside of work? Any hobbies?

KN: I love anything artistic.  I am currently working on a photo book of abandoned gas stations of the west.  I have several hundred photos so you might say, ” I brake for old gas stations”.  I’ve been recently been inspired to renovate our RV.  With the help of Pinterest and HGTV, my favorite channel, it looks like it will be a never ending project.  Someday just know I will have an art studio full of my paintings of cows, in the meantime, I’ll continue to learn to paint.

For our next post in the People of CPP series, we’ll be speaking with Julie Houston!

People of CPP: Meet Kim Spagnoli

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking with Kim Spagnoli, one of our lovely Realtors working the coastal areas of San Diego!


Coastal Premier Properties: What about real estate appealed to you?

Kim Spagnoli: Investing in my own personal property sparked my first interest in real estate.  At the time, I was traveling non-stop for my marketing job and welcomed a change in pace.  I knew my business skills would serve me well as I transitioned into a second career in the world of real estate.

CPP: What do you feel most proud of in regards to your career?

KS:I’m most proud of the repeat business and referrals I’ve receive from past clients and friends. It validates my level of client service, and feels like I’ve been given another chance to star in an Oscar winning performance.  I keep things real, offering clients practical and honest advise.  I treat every client’s transaction as if I was buying or selling my very own home.

CPP: What personality traits help you become a successful real estate agent?

KS:I started selling real estate in downtown San Diego, which lead me down a whole other path of indoctrination. I was fortunate enough to connect with some great professionals and establish longstanding relationships. Downtown is a specialized housing community with defined and distinct neighborhoods. I thrived in the energy, and all the on-going revitalization projects.  We are “America’s Finest City”!  

CPP: What about Coastal Premier Properties makes it a good fit for you?

KS: I can’t say enough about CPP. From day one, I knew I found ‘home’!  It’s a perfect fit–their style, the positive attitude, the respectable way business operates, management’s dedication to providing timely support, the valuable resources offered including the superb marketing team, plus having a property management division.  Amy and Susan are not just amazing business women, but amazing individuals and their reputation is a testimony to that!  It is a joy being part of the caliber of professionals at CPP.

CPP: What keeps you busy outside of work and what do you do for fun? 

KS: Outside of work, I’m involved in my community church and neighborhood HOA.  I enjoy cooking, watching foodie shows, wine tasting, and recently picked up playing tennis.  I love being with my family and am passionate about my two furry babies.

CPP: Do you like to travel?

KS: Travel? Yes! My husband and I just returned from Jamaica-fabulous trip and pure relaxation!  When I board an airplane these days, it’s refreshing to know I’m usually traveling simply for pleasure!

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For our next post in the People of CPP series, we’ll be speaking with Kristi Nation!

People of CPP: Meet Janet Hoover and Laura Seideman

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking with Janet Hoover and Laura Seideman, an agent team that has been with CPP for several years now! Janet and Laura have over 43 years of combined experience in real estate. Janet is a San Diego native and Laura is a long-time resident of America’s Finest City. On top of that, they are a super fun pair of Realtors to be around!


Coastal Premier Properties: What initially attracted you to Coastal Premier Properties?

Janet And Laura: The boutique nature of the company and the good vibes and positive energy of everyone that works there.

CPP: What do you like most about working in this industry?

J&L: Definitely helping our clients and seeing the rewards of their happiness. 

CPP: What characteristics make up a good real estate team?

J&L: Good communication and support of each other. Frequent meetings. Having the support that we receive from the CPP staff, as well as our marketing staff, assistant, and transaction coordination staff.

CPP: How would you describe each other? 

J&L: We have a lot in common and we love to laugh and have fun. We work well off each other’s energy and we benefit greatly from the things we share in common as well as our differences.

CPP: How do you motivate each other? 

J&L: Pep talks and listening to each other, finding solutions to challenging situations.  Helping one another to be able to have valuable time off.

CPP: What accomplishments are you most proud of?

J&L: Our most proud accomplishments are our relationships with our clients who keep coming back to us and referring us! Because of their commitment to us, we sold over $36 million in 2016!

CPP: What are your activities and interests outside of work?

J&L: We both enjoy spending time with family and friends, fine food, wine, and travel. Laura enjoys biking, hiking, yoga, and running. Janet loves tennis, skiing, rock climbing, beach volleyball, and hiking.

For more about Janet and Laura, click here.

For our next post in the People of CPP series, we’ll be speaking with Kim Spagnoli, another of our awesome Realtors at Coastal Premier Properties!



People of CPP: Meet Sam Hahn

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking with Sam Hahn, Head of Property Management at Coastal Premier Properties. In the few short years he’s been operating our property management division, Sam has built a base of devoted clients who love the superior property management service he and his team provide.


Coastal Premier Properties: Why did you decide to purse a career in property management?

Sam Hahn: I am a firm believer in treating others how you would like to be treated. Having dealt with not so nice property managers made me want to offer a professional and pleasant experience.

CPP: What are the biggest challenges and satisfactions with your work?

SH: Biggest challenge is that everyone is different therefore they have different expectations. Becoming an expert communicator to different personalities is a challenge, but always satisfying when you succeed. The greatest satisfaction is meeting a lot of new people and positively impacting the lives of either clients or tenants.

CPP: What personal characteristics have helped you succeed in this field?

SH: I think my positive and open-minded personality has helped me succeed in this field. People feel comfortable around me and put their trust in me, both in personal or professional matters.

CPP: What are the benefits of using a property manager?

SH: Daily tasks add up to consume a lot of time. Hiring a property manager gives you back the time that you need to spend doing more of what you love. Having a property manager is convenient for the fact that you do not have to deal with anything such as ads, tenant screening, or collecting payments.

CPP: Do you have any great home maintenance or upkeep tips you’ve learned from working in this field?

SH: Preventative maintenance is key. Spend a little now, so you do not have to spend a lot later.

CPP: Is property management a seasonal industry like real estate sales? Are there busier and slower times of the year?

SH: Property management is very similar to the real estate sales market. Generally speaking, like real estate the 4th quarter slows down.

CPP: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

SH: Outside of work, I’m interested in spending time with family, golfing and always looking for opportunities to obtain new knowledge.

For more about Sam and the property management services he provides, click here.

For our next post in the People of CPP series, we’ll be speaking with Janet Hoover and Laura Seideman, a long-time agent team with Coastal Premier Properties!