Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Kathy Bischofberger

Coastal Premier Properties is happy to welcome Kathy Bischofberger! Kathy will be working out of our Carmel Valley and Del Mar offices as part of the dwellem team.


About Kathy:

A native Californian from Sonoma County, Kathy relocated to San Diego and has become an expert in the north county coastal areas. She has established her real estate business while living and working in the Carmel Valley / Del Mar area. As a professional in the residential real estate industry for over 25 years, Kathy offers extensive experience and knowledge. Her exceptionally diversified background in real estate industry enables her to provide extraordinary service to her clients for a smooth and successful transaction. Kathy loves providing her clients with this first class service and being part of such an important milestone. Kathy enjoys boating, hiking, horseback riding, cooking
and international travel.

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April Real Estate Market In Review

April’s San Diego real estate market in review: As of April 2017, the median detached home in San Diego County sold for $569,000, up 6.4% from the previous year.


As of  April 2017, the median attached home (including condos, townhomes, and twinhomes) in San Diego County sold for $377,000, up 7.7% from last year.


The average detached home in San Diego spent 39 days on the market.


Condos, twinhomes, and townhomes in San Diego spent an average of 32 days on the market.


As of April 2017, the average seller of a detached home in San Diego County receives 97% of the original list price at the close of the sale.


As of April 2017, the owners of attached properties (condos, twinhomes, and townhomes) retained 97.9% of the original list price.


The inventory of homes in San Diego County is still low, which is consistent with what we know that inventory is very tight and not predicted to dramatically improve.


The supply of attached properties is also quite low.


Are you interested in seeing this breakdown for your San Diego community or zipcode? Let us know!

People of CPP: Meet Kristi Nation

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking to Kristi Nation, one of our longtime Realtors at CPP!

Kristy final

Coastal Premier Properties:  What were the greatest challenges you faced when starting as a new agent?

Kristi Nation: I began my career in the 1980s. At that time my greatest challenge was my youth. It was certainly not the norm to be in your early 20s and selling real estate. In that era, an young woman selling real estate was the exception! I was by far the youngest person in any office I ever worked for. Getting support from other agents was out of the question with one exception: an amazing woman named Jean Taylor.  Jean was a top agent, and often helped me. Getting support from a successful agent was out of the ordinary.

CPP: Did you have a mentor when you started? If so, what values did you take away from them?

KN: The idea of a mentor was not there at the time.  Most people in the office were not willing to share ideas and help a “newbie” succeed. Especially a young woman without experience.   My mentor was the school of hard knocks.   I realized, in order to be more successful I needed to have a better understanding of the real estate business.  Therefore  I accepted a position as a mortgage loan officer.  My mentor was Carol, a senior loan processor who believed in me, and my hard work ethic, and loved the fact that I was young and eager to work and learn.  She taught me the “deal” and made sure I knew every answer. She taught me to be savvy and helped me overcome the deterrent of my youth, with the power of knowledge. I will always be grateful to Carol.  She believed in me when I didn’t. With the help of Carol, I had something not even the experienced real estate agents had at the time.  I had the power of knowledge and how to get a deal done.   I loved the confidence she gave me.

I eventually went back into real estate where I was able to use the knowledge I learned from being a loan officer.  I also met a wonderful associate and friend.  Her name was Susan Meyers.  Susan was my age and the only other “youngster” I ever knew that was in real estate. She and I both worked hard and eventually were tops agents in our Re/max office.  Yes, I’m talking about the owner of CPP.  We’ve known each other a long time.

CPP: What do you enjoy most about working for Coastal Premier Properties?

KN: CPP is different than other office and what I enjoy most is the culture of sharing. I can freely share my ideas with other agents and they reciprocate because we all want to help each other succeed. If we succeed, our clients succeed! It is a non-competitive atmosphere.  We do not have a score board with stars for each of our deals.  I never liked the idea of providing a service for a client, and then turning it into an award show.  We have a poster board where we can put up photos of happy clients with their big smiles.  Amy and Susan are hard working yet share ideas, beliefs, values and offer support when ever we need it. Our Broker, Tom Tucker, is easy going, so smart, and always available to help us with questions on the contract and legal advice.

CPP:  What would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?

KN: That I often stay friends with my clients after the deal is done.

CPP: Where are you favorite places to travel?

KN: Although I’ve traveled to South America and Europe, when younger, today I prefer staying in the US and I particularly love the West. The high desert is a favorite with the always changing lighting and scenery.  Short road trips, close to home are for me!

CPP: What keeps you busy outside of work? Any hobbies?

KN: I love anything artistic.  I am currently working on a photo book of abandoned gas stations of the west.  I have several hundred photos so you might say, ” I brake for old gas stations”.  I’ve been recently been inspired to renovate our RV.  With the help of Pinterest and HGTV, my favorite channel, it looks like it will be a never ending project.  Someday just know I will have an art studio full of my paintings of cows, in the meantime, I’ll continue to learn to paint.

For our next post in the People of CPP series, we’ll be speaking with Julie Houston!

House 2 Home Program Success Stories Part 3

We have discovered that the best way to sell a San Diego house quickly and for the best price is to turn it into a home.

We have aligned ourselves with the best in the business to do whatever it takes to prepare a house for sale and turn it into a buyer’s dream home. Whether it’s painting, replacing carpet or flooring, landscaping,cosmetic repairs, or staging, we know what to do to prepare your home to shine.

The House 2 Home Program was created as a way to showcase these seller services. Whether you’re currently still living in a home or are selling a vacant property, we will be happy to discuss our plan to prepare your home for the San Diego Market.

We’ll take you inside a few of the homes that have benefited from our House 2 Home Program. Real sellers, real homes, real measurable results. These are their stories:


Greenwillow Lane


Days on Market With Another Broker BEFORE House 2 Home: N/A

Days on Market AFTER House 2 Home: 6 Days

What We Did: We painted, installed new carpet, did minor repairs, staged the home, and took professional pictures.

From the Sellers of Greenwillow Lane:

“Coastal Premier Properties just sold our house in Carmel Valley. They have an incredible understanding of the local market and advised us on the best time to list. They managed every detail from preparing for sale through closing. Two days after listing we had multiple offers and were negotiating from a position of strength. They were able to get us $80,000 over the last model match sale that had just closed on our street. We highly recommend Coastal Premier Properties for anyone looking to sell or buy a home in San Diego!


Catalina Blvd


Days on Market With Another Broker BEFORE House 2 Home: N/A

Days on Market AFTER House 2 Home: 3 Days

What We Did: We de-cluttered, de-cluttered, and de-cluttered some more!  We touched up landscaping with plants and flowers, added fresh dark mulch, upgraded lighting for shine and brightness, and went over the top with staging.  We did some light touch-up paint as well and brought in a great photographer to finish it off!

From the Sellers of Catalina Blvd:

In less than 24 hours on the market, I had multiple low-contingency offers at full-price. A price, I might add, that I was skeptical we would achieve. But it played out beautifully from tasteful staging, targeted pre-marketing, to a packed caravan and well-attended first open house. I could go on and on about Coastal Premier Properties and how they managed my home sale. I had a very strict timeline, a must-hit price and no room to fail. I couldn’t be more thankful for what Coastal Premier Properties made possible for us.


Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Erin Anderson!

Coastal Premier Properties is excited to welcome Erin Anderson! Erin will be working out of our Del Mar office!


About Erin:

Erin Anderson believes that all great relationships are built on trust and integrity. That’s why she always works to represent and protect the interests of her clients. Her kind demeanor, patience, and professionalism help forge lasting bonds with all of her clients. Erin will help you navigate your next home sale or purchase with ease!

Erin has lived and worked in North County San Diego for the last ten years. She studied nursing both at Northern Arizona University and Cal State Fullerton. She has worked as a Registered Nurse for both the Cardiff and San Diego Unified School Districts, giving her in-depth knowledge of the local schools and communities. Erin is active in her local community as a volunteer in the Cardiff School District and as a member of Give Back Homes. Give Back Homes is an organization for real estate professionals that builds homes for families in need both in the US and internationally. When she’s not working, Erin loves to travel, run, and enjoy San Diego’s fabulous beaches with her family!

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Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Sara Nuernberger

Coastal Premier Properties is pleased to welcome Sara Nuernberger! Sara will be working in both San Diego and Temecula!


About Sara:

Sara Nuernberger is your go-to Realtor for properties in and around San Diego and Temecula. She was born and raised in North San Diego County and has extensive knowledge about the area.

Sara became interested in real estate after growing up in a custom home construction family. She is passionate about homes and focuses on the unique needs of each client. From first time home buyers to affluent sellers, Sara can provide the guidance you need.

Using the latest marketing technology, as well as proven traditional strategies, Sara will help make your move happen as smoothly as possible. Every client deserves personal attention and Sara is dedicated to providing an extraordinary experience.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She would love to be your realtor!

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Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Aaron Turcios

Coastal Premier Properties is thrilled to welcome Aaron Turcios! Aaron will be working out of our Carmel Valley office!


About Aaron:

Originally from Los Angeles, Aaron relocated to San Diego in 2009, fell in love with the city, and never left. As a transplant to the city of San Diego and the son of immigrants, he fully understands the beauty of finding the right community to call home and has made it his mission to do the same for others. Before getting into the real estate business, Aaron exercised his skills elevating multiple retail operations through customer service and sales training into a successful career as a property management leasing agent.
Aaron is a highly motivated and results-driven agent that understands the importance of prompt service and clear communication. He finds it extremely important to give all of his clients the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market, its trends, comparable sales and property values in order to give them a realistic outlook on what they can expect to achieve in today’s market. Aaron takes great pride in the tried and true methods of real estate sales while leveraging available technology to create a simpler, concise, and more enjoyable selling or buying experience for his clients.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys writing comedy, discovering a new craft brewery with friends, playing beach volleyball, and a good funk record.

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