Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Marlene Gadinis

Coastal Premier Properties is happy to welcome Marlene Gadinis! Marlene will be working out of our Carmel Valley office.


About Marlene:

Marlene Gadinis prides herself on delivering next level customer service and client satisfaction during every step of the real estate transaction. She is extremely detail oriented and manages the ever-changing variables involved in a home sale or purchase with ease.

Marlene has proven herself to be an adept businesswoman. Before embarking on her real estate career, she was the former owner of several salon spas in the San Diego area. She earned prestigious awards from the Del Mar Rotary Club and the UCLA Anderson School of Business among others. She was also a finalist in the San Diego Women Who Mean Business Awards.

As your Realtor, Marlene is dedicated to your success. Her business savvy, negotiation skills, and ability to manage the moving parts of the transaction will be an asset to you as you pursue the purchase of a home or sale of an existing one. A resident of San Diego for over 23 years, Marlene knows the ins and outs of every neighborhood in San Diego and will help you make the right move!

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Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Laura Dick

Coastal Premier Properties is pleased to welcome Laura Dick! Laura will be partnering with her mother, Sharon Dick, and working out of our Carmel Valley office!


About Laura:

Laura is a San Diego native through and through. Having grown up in Carmel Valley, she went to New York University for her undergraduate degree, before coming back to the West Coast to complete her graduate degree at UCLA.  She worked in international manufacturing, traveling frequently to West Africa and China, before deciding to transition into real estate and become partners with her mother, Sharon.

With her friends and family spanning from Vista to South Park, Laura not only knows San Diego County extensively, but has also seen the neighborhoods change and evolve over the course of her life.  She is passionate about providing her clients with the best service and prides herself on always being open, honest and professional.  An academic by training, Laura enjoys researching market trends for her clients and providing them with a thorough analysis of selling or buying their homes.

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Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Andrew Spathas

Coastal Premier Properties is excited to welcome Andrew Spathas! Andrew will be working out of our Carmel Valley and Del Mar offices!


About Andrew:

Andrew was born and raised in Point Loma, San Diego and graduated from PLNU with a degree in business. His passion for helping others has led him to pursue a career in real estate. He helps clients across San Diego navigate the process of buying or selling a home. He prides himself on his diligence, attention to detail, and ability to effectively communicate his clients needs during the transaction. When not working, Andrew enjoys traveling and experiencing new places, spending quality time with his family, and playing beach volleyball.

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Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Megan Stuit

Coastal Premier Properties is happy to welcome Megan Stuit! Megan will be working out of our Carmel Valley and Del Mar offices.


About Megan:

Originally from San Antonio, Megan relocated to San Diego five years ago. A graduate of Point Loma Nazarene with a B.S. in Finance, Megan worked with a private equity firm in La Jolla before transitioning to real estate to follow her passion of helping people buy and sell homes. She works with both residential clients and real estate investors across San Diego County. Megan is a keen problem solver who knows how to help people analyze their potential investments to maximize their returns. She also experience in property management. When she’s not working hard, Megan enjoys experiencing everything that living in San Diego has to offer from spending time at the beach to hiking in the hills.

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Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Tami Tunget

Coastal Premier Properties is excited to welcome Tami Tunget! Tami will be working in both San Diego and Temecula!


About Tami:

I’m a native Southern Californian and currently live in the Murrieta/Temecula area. I am dedicated to my clients, helping them achieve the “American Dream” of home ownership. This is why I have partnered with one of the best and most respected firms in the area. It is very important to me that Coastal Premier Properties and I share the same mission, values, and commitment.

As a retired Deputy Sheriff with Los Angeles County and a former Crime Scene Investigator for the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, I pride myself on my professionalism, hard work ethic, and attention to detail. As my client, I will be a tough and honest advocate that will negotiate the best deal for you whether you’re seeking to acquire or sell a home.

I take my oath as a sworn licensed Realtor very seriously. My past experiences have taught me that my keen ability to listen to the needs of my clients is of utmost importance in achieving their real estate goals. At all times I provide my clients due diligence and excellent service.

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People of CPP: Meet Stephanie Ko and Tammy Garcia

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking to Stephanie Ko and Tammy Garcia, Realtors and partners serving the San Diego and Palm Springs areas.


Coastal Premier Properties: First off, tell us about yourself! How did you become partners?

Stephanie and Tammy: We met through a scripting meeting. We were connected through the mentorship group and from then on we started working on open houses together. After a few months of being each others accountability partners we decided to become partners officially! We are currently working on building our team to expand and help other new Realtors entering the business!

CPP: How do you keep each other motivated?

S&T: We have the same short-term and long-term goals and we are always reminding each other of these goals. On top of that, our core values are the same which helps us regroup when we need to and make decisions quickly and efficiently that will help us move down the path towards our goals and what we want out of life overall!

CPP: Which of your skills overlap? In what ways are you different?

S&T: We both have bold, assertive personalities! We are both go-getters and work at the same tempo. Stephanie is very personable and very visual. She can quickly gauge situations and see what would be best for our clients. Tammy is analytical and likes to research data. If you need numbers on anything from comparable sales, how much to put down, or any background data on a property, she is the one to go to! We balance each other out. The great thing is we are learning from each other as we go, which continues to help our business!

CPP: What areas do you work in?

S&T: We began our journey in San Diego with our hub being Carmel Valley as we both were residents of Carmel Valley. We then extended our business to cover all of San Diego as time based on our clients’ needs. Then we saw an opportunity in the desert. We have doubled business by extending out to Palm Springs and the entire desert as many clients in San Diego look for second homes in that area. We have also expanded our business to connect with local businesses and hospitals to help with their employee and student relocations.

CPP: What do you like best about being part of Coastal Premier Properties?

S&T:  Coastal Premier provides great resources for the agents. The company gives us great classes to help us keep updated on what is going on in the industry. There are also wonderful agents that work at CPP! The company is very picky with whom they choose to come in and this creates an environment and culture that is consistent throughout the company. We think the best part has been meeting life-long friends and colleagues who have the same vision of providing our clients with the best service possible by being knowledgable and doing all we can to get them what they need while continuing to educate them. Learning and sharing skills with our colleagues has been so beneficial. This is true no matter what stage of your business you are in. In short, CPP is family!

CPP: Why did you choose real estate as a career path?

S&T: Real Estate is a very unique career. It is something that gives you flexibility in your own life, but once you are in it you realize you work more than than most 9-5ers. So what keeps us going through the long hours is that it is an industry that brings everything we love together. We get joy from helping others, always try to keep up with new trends, and enjoy developing our own business. We also have a love for architecture and interior design and just working with and for people! This is a people industry! Being a part of one of the biggest decisions that people make in finding a home or financial investment is an honor and a blessing to us!

CPP: What are the biggest opportunities facing the industry right now?

S&T:  The biggest opportunity in the industry today is being a listing agent! There are too many buyers compared to sellers at this time! If you are ready to sell this is a great time as most of San Diego and Palm Springs has come out of the down fall of ’08 and money is there to be made!

CPP: How do you enjoy your free time outside of work?

S&T: We both enjoy our free time outside of work with family and friends and we always try to incorporate fitness into our life. Overall, we try to appreciate every moment including the times when business is a bit slower. We also make sure to travel at least once a year to turn our minds off and rest!

Coastal Premier Properties Welcomes Aimee Swanson

Coastal Premier Properties is pleased to welcome Aimee Swanson! Aimee will be working out of our Carmel Valley and La Costa offices.


About Aimee:

Aimee Swanson attended RIT for interior design. She spent several years working in New York before becoming the Director of Sales and Marketing for properties in La Jolla and downtown San Diego. Aimee added an aesthetician license in 1999, which led her to become the owner and operator of an aesthetician office for several years, furthering her involvement in San Diego’s community and professional landscape. With a family background in real estate and investment properties, Aimee is proud to work with both residential and commercial properties in San Diego, helping her clients goals come to fruition! Aimee, her husband of eighteen years, and daughter currently live in La Costa, Carlsbad and enjoy all that Southern California life has to offer!

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