Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Tips.jpg

Prepare for an Earthquake:

According to the American Red Cross

  • If you are inside, stay inside. Most injuries occur from glass, brick and other materials falling from the
    outside of buildings.
  •  DROP, COVER, AND HOLD ON during the shaking.
  • Ÿ If a table or desk is not available to get under for safety, crouch next to a wall without bookcases or windows and cover your head and neck. Bookcases and windows are hazardous since bookcases may tip over and windows may shatter.
  • If you cannot drop to the floor, stay where you are and cover your head.
  • If you are in a wheelchair, lock the brake and cover your head.
  • Ÿ If you are in bed, stay there and cover your head with your pillow


What to do After a Disaster:

  • Do not light any matches, candles, or turn on electrical switches
  • Use flashlights to check for damage such as gas leaks, fires, or chemical spills
  • Do not return home until officials give you the OK
  • Stay away from flooded roads and downed power lines
  • Check in on your family members and loved ones
  • Monitor local broadcasts for information on disaster relief assistance