18 San Diego Celebrities


With some of the best weather in the world, it is no surprise that San Diego is home of many famous residents. From athletes to politicians, celebrities to scientists, and even billionaires, many would agree that there is definitely a reason why San Diego has been nicknamed “America’s Finest City.”

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reacts after a long completion against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth quarter of NFLSuper Bowl XLV football game in Arlington, Texas

1. Aaron Rodgers

The Super Bowl XLV Champion and last years NFL MVP, Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, owns a beach home in beautiful Del Mar

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

2. Reggie Bush

The Super Bowl XLIV champion Running Back with the New Orleans Saints, and former USC star, was born in San Diego, and still resides here.


3. Tony Hawk

The ubiquitous skateboarding icon and legend Tony Hawk was born in Carlsbad and has never found good enough reason to leave, and we don’t blame him.


4. Drew Brees

The Super Bowl XLIV Champion and MVP for the New Orleans Saints was originally drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 2001. We probably shouldn’t have traded him, but he didn’t seem to take it personally and owns a home in Del Mar.


5. Steve Perry

The lead singer of the rock group, Journey, currently resides in Del Mar.


6. Zandra Rhodes

This world-renowned English fashion designer splits her time between her homes in London and La Jolla.


7. Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft already owns a couple of homes in San Diego, but he just purchased this 229 acre equestrian facility from Jenny Craig for his daughter, which includes a full 3/4 mile race track.

NASA Astronaut Ellen Ochoa

8. Ellen Ochoa

Although she would eventually have to leave to do things such as become the first hispanic woman to go to space, Ellen Ochoa was grew up in La Mesa and got her Bachelor’s degree at San Diego State University.


9. Phil Mickelson

One of the greatest golfer’s to ever play the game, Mickelson was born in San Diego, and still lives there today in his Rancho Santa Fe home.


10. Doug Manchester

A famous San Diego Real Estate Developer, Manchester grew up in Coronado and Pacific Beach, and attended San Diego State University. He still lives here today, and owns the San Diego Union Tribune.

Theodor Geisel

11. Theodor Geisel

More commonly known as Dr. Seuss, Geisel was a long time resident of La Jolla, and lived there until his death in 1991.


12. Shaun White

Known for his prodigious snowboarding prowess, White is also a gold medalist in multiple skateboarding competitions as well, and grew up in San Diego.


13. Deepak Chopra

Chopra is an indian-born author, public speaker, and physician famous for his support of alternative medicine, he has become one of the most wealthy figures in the holistic health scene, and resides in La Jolla.


14. John McCain

The Arizona Senator and Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 election has a second home in La Jolla.

Investoren-Legende Buffett will nicht in Rente gehen

15. Warren Buffet

This American business magnate is consistently ranked as one of if not the wealthiest men in the world.


16. Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk was a famous virologist, and the Salk Institute of Biological Studies at UCSD is named after him. He lived in La Jolla until his death in 1995.


17. Pauly Shore

Shore is a famous actor, writer, director, producer, and comedian from Beverly Hills. He currently lives in La Jolla and owns and operate the Comedy Store.


18. Mitt Romney

Romney is an American politician and businessman, and was the Republican party’s nominee for the 2012 presidential election. He is currently the Governor of Massachusetts and owns a vacation home in La Jolla.

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