The Pinteresting 5: Outdoor Showers

If you’re an avid San Diego surfer, an outdoor shower is an absolute must: it’s the best way to keep sand outdoors where it belongs! Even if you’re not a surfer, there are many other uses for an outdoor shower: think dog wash or a place to rinse off after gardening. If you’ve been thinking of adding an outdoor shower, check out these great ideas to inspire your design!

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The Pinteresting Five: Fire Pits

A fire pit is the ultimate summer backyard must-have! It’s an excellent catalyst for good conversation, an excuse to relax outdoors away from technology, or a place to just simply enjoy the beauty that exists in your own backyard!. Whether you’re stargazing by yourself or surrounded by friends, a fire pit is a great way to enjoy the summer.  Check out these five amazing fire pit ideas that will inspire you to add one to your own backyard!

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The Pinteresting Five: Hammocks

Hammocks can be added to a porch, yard, or room to provide an interesting focal point in your decor while also making a great lounging spot. They help fill a large space and come in many fashionable styles that you can tie into the rest of your home’s design. Whether you hang a hammock inside or outside, take inspiration from these five ideas for stylish hammocks!

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The Pinteresting Five: Outdoor Dining

With months of warm weather ahead, we like to be outside as much as possible and that includes entertaining! Floral arrangements, the right table settings, and crafty displays are all essential elements of the perfect summer event! Enjoy these beautiful and creative pins to inspire your next backyard dinner party or get-together!

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Design Trends: Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood in your home is not only trendy right now, it can also be very cheap, as long as you know what to look for. Here are some great examples of reclaimed wood used throughout the home!

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Design Trends: Vertical Gardening

Whether you’re a condo dweller short on space or just looking for creative ways to spice up your garden, vertical gardening has been taking off!

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Decorating for Outdoor Entertainment

Whether or not you have a vast backyard, being able to set it up in a way to accommodate guests for a day/night of festivities should not be a dilemma.  Let us give you some pointers on making the most of your yard and transforming it into your own pocket-sized paradise.

  • Choosing Furniture: Being strategic when picking furniture is vital, try saving space by using “two in one” types of furniture such as storage ottomans and benches, nesting tables and folding chairs.

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  • Arranging the Furniture: Now that you have your furniture, its time to set it up.  Try placing the seating and tables around the perimeter and give your guests a nice plot of space in the middle to stand and move around with ease.

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  • Foliage:  You may already have plenty of plants, but be sure to watch where they are placed, plants easily make a deserted space feel like an alluring getaway.  Now that we’re in a drought, it would be wise to use plants that do not require a lot of watering such as succulents.

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  • Lighting:  When it comes to lighting, you can’t go wrong with string lights across the patio that can open up small areas around your get together.  Plus with these lights, you get a warm glow instead of an interrogating spotlight, resulting in cozy vibe.

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  • Adding Extra Seating: If you’re finding yourself coming short on places to sit toss down some floor throw pillows, they’re super cozy and very easy to add or subtract.

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What Are Your Best Tips for Decorating Your Yard For Entertaining?