Design Trend: Rustic Modern Design

Not just for log cabins, you can bring a little rustic design to your home with this modern take on the trend! Add natural or reclaimed wood furniture into your existing decor or for a more classic look, think of using exposed beams in the ceilings and fireplace. This is one trend that doesn’t feel too trendy so we predict it will be popular for a long while!

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Design Trends: Natural Textures

One of the hottest home design trends for 2017 is the use of natural textures! Look out for animal skins and parchment designs in unexpected colors in unexpected places like furniture. Use our design inspiration below to get inspired to incorporate this trend into your home!

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Design Trend: Marble Waterfall Kitchen Island

Marble Waterfall Kitchen Islands are a beautifully contemporary addition to your kitchen, and a popular trend to consider for your renovations! Here is some inspiration to help you design the perfect kitchen!

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Design Trends: Jewel Tones

In the fashion world, jewel tones are almost always on-point for fall. But this year we’re seeing a cross-over into the home. With emerald green selected as 2013’s Pantone Color of the Year, rich blues, purples, greens, browns, and rust oranges have infiltrated the home. Whether it’s a small pop in the form of a pillow, blanket, rug, or small decor like vases, or a large piece of furniture or paint on the walls, it’s easy to blend this trend into your existing home decor. Jewel tones provide a level of rich sophistication to any home.

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Design Trends: Incredible Kid Spaces

Design Trends: Incredible Kid Spaces

When most of us were growing up, we were happy to have our own room. Happier still if we had a play/game room or additional space to call our own.

These kids truly have it all.

Customized, designer kids rooms are the stuff Pinterest was made for. Whether it’s a race car bed, jungle canopy, pirate ship in the clouds, castle retreat, or something else again, we can’t image your kids complaining about being sent to their rooms.

cool kids rooms

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Design Trends: Masculine Spaces

Design Trends: Masculine Spaces or, Man Caves

In recent years, there’s been much talk about the designation of man caves, games rooms, and other decidedly male retreats within the home. The successor to the bachelor pad, the creation of these spaces serves to alleviate some marital strife. While the decor and design of the home is often given over to the female, the male sanctuary allows the man some control over his space and what goes in it. Your collection of hunting rifles? On the wall. That crude sign you’ve been holding onto since your college bachelor days? Hang it up. Your signed sports jerseys? Display them. A big screen television with surround sound to watch the game? Go for it. That cool beer bottle lamp you can’t even remember where it came from? Anything goes.

Man caves have many incarnations, from the more traditional garage or tool shed, to a private office or otherwise enclosed room to a basement or attic. These spaces allow for moments of solitude, escapism, or simply a place to relax or actively pursue hobbies.

Do you have a man cave in your home?


Design Trends: Shabby Chic Vintage

Design Trends: Shabby Chic Vintage

While not really a new trend, vintage or “shabby chic” decorating is a trend with staying power. If you’ve ever been inside an Anthropologie, you’ve gotten a first-hand look at how this trend translates into living spaces. A few months ago we featured Lighting By Lucia, which definitely epitomizes this shabby chic vintage trend. Whether you incorporate actual vintage artifacts (typewriters, dress forms, skeleton keys, bell jars, apothecary jars, spyglasses, pocket watches, grandfather clocks, signs, and other things accrued from antique or thrift stores) or simply love the look of lighter, muted colors, weather wood, and things that merely look old, this is an easy trend to work into most homes. And best of all, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the look, though it does require a certain eye for this type of design. Scour your local thrift and antique stores, visit swamp meets and garage sales to pick up items with tons of character and charm. Of course, if you want the look for more convenience and less effort, most stores like Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Michaels, and the like have started selling a certain amount of items with that shabby chic look.