People of CPP: Meet Sam Hahn

In our new blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the amazing agents and staff of Coastal Premier Properties. We hope you’ll follow along as you get to know more about the faces of our great company!

This week we’re talking with Sam Hahn, Head of Property Management at Coastal Premier Properties. In the few short years he’s been operating our property management division, Sam has built a base of devoted clients who love the superior property management service he and his team provide.


Coastal Premier Properties: Why did you decide to purse a career in property management?

Sam Hahn: I am a firm believer in treating others how you would like to be treated. Having dealt with not so nice property managers made me want to offer a professional and pleasant experience.

CPP: What are the biggest challenges and satisfactions with your work?

SH: Biggest challenge is that everyone is different therefore they have different expectations. Becoming an expert communicator to different personalities is a challenge, but always satisfying when you succeed. The greatest satisfaction is meeting a lot of new people and positively impacting the lives of either clients or tenants.

CPP: What personal characteristics have helped you succeed in this field?

SH: I think my positive and open-minded personality has helped me succeed in this field. People feel comfortable around me and put their trust in me, both in personal or professional matters.

CPP: What are the benefits of using a property manager?

SH: Daily tasks add up to consume a lot of time. Hiring a property manager gives you back the time that you need to spend doing more of what you love. Having a property manager is convenient for the fact that you do not have to deal with anything such as ads, tenant screening, or collecting payments.

CPP: Do you have any great home maintenance or upkeep tips you’ve learned from working in this field?

SH: Preventative maintenance is key. Spend a little now, so you do not have to spend a lot later.

CPP: Is property management a seasonal industry like real estate sales? Are there busier and slower times of the year?

SH: Property management is very similar to the real estate sales market. Generally speaking, like real estate the 4th quarter slows down.

CPP: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

SH: Outside of work, I’m interested in spending time with family, golfing and always looking for opportunities to obtain new knowledge.

For more about Sam and the property management services he provides, click here.

For our next post in the People of CPP series, we’ll be speaking with Janet Hoover and Laura Seideman, a long-time agent team with Coastal Premier Properties!

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

Managing a property requires specific knowledge and a commitment of time and effort. Work, family, friends, and recreation all take up your time and effort. Here is a list of the top ten reasons why you should hire a property manager to help you.

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1. Time: Managing all the daily tasks required to keep your properties running smoothly soon adds up to consume a lot of your time. Free yourself to spend your time with the things that matter to you most.




2. Communication:  We are never more than a phone call away. Day or night, we will keep you updated with all the details about the current status of your property.




3. Advertising your property: We know where to market your property to receive the most exposure. We help to ensure your vacancies are filled quicker.




4. Setting competitive rental rates: We will help to ensure that you will receive the maximum rental income by conducting a thorough market study of comparable properties in order to set a rental price for your property.




5. Locating qualified tenants: We have seasoned Property Managers who are experts at locating qualified tenants by conducting a thorough screening of all tenants. We handle running credit reports, background checks, verifying landlord/personal references and employment verification to make sure you get the ideal tenant for your vacancy.




6.  Tenant relations: We will manage all aspects of the tenant-landlord relationship from routine maintenance to emergencies. We are on-call 24/7 so you don’t have to be.




7.  Collection and disbursement of rental payments:  We understand that receiving payments on time is crucial to your financial plan.  Therefore, we have efficient systems in place to ensure timely rent collection and a direct deposit of your rental income into your account of choice.




8.  Vendors:  We have established relationships with maintenance workers, contractors, and vendors which allows us to ensure that you get quality work for a reasonable price.



9.  Compliance laws and regulations:  We can assist you in avoiding lawsuits by keeping your property up-to-date and in compliance with all the applicable local, state, and federal regulations to abide by when renting and managing your property.




10.  Profits: Rental properties are intended to generate income. We are dedicated to our owners and strive to maximize profits while minimizing the expenses and your risks.


Introducing…Property Management!

Coastal Premier Properties, Property Management Division


Coastal Premier Properties is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new Property Management Division!

Beginning on September 1st, Coastal Premier Properties will offer client and tenant services. For client owners, you may select from three different options of Property Management services, ranging from Full Management to a Lease Listing Agreement. Contact us to find out why our Property Management division could be right for you!

CPP continues to build on our reputation of exceptional service to you, our client. We do that by providing our clients with the utmost personal, professional, and quality services available. We have extensive knowledge in Property Management, and our property managers pride themselves on providing each and every client with the attention and care that you deserve.  Whether you are a first time landlord or a seasoned investor, our property managers have the right tools and the right approach to manage your property effectively.


Well-known for our unique “you-centered” philosophy, all of the agents and staff of CPP provide superior service, dedication, and commitment to each and every one of our clients. It’s no wonder we get so many referrals and repeat customers. When you work with us, you’re doing more than selecting someone to manage your property. You’re selecting a partner to guide you through the daily tasks of managing a home. We truly love our jobs and we put that passion to work for you.


When you’re with Coastal Premier, your success truly is our success.