3 Steps to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

By Isabella Caprario

Whether you call it a sportsman cave, a garage man cave, an outdoorsman cave, or any other variation on the man cave idea, space where guys can hang out, watch sports, maybe play some pool, have a few drinks, and just kick back and relax is a great addition to any home.

Step 1: Plan Your Man Cave

The first step to get started building out your best man cave is to think about what inspires you. If you’re not sure, go online to look for inspiration and clever man cave ideas.

You’ll also want to figure out where it can go: garage man caves are popular, as are basement man caves. But you can also create a man cave office or make use of a room for a little man cave. The space you have will determine the best layout but most of the main dos and don’ts of and common mistakes when creating a man cave will apply to whatever kind of space you have to work with:

  • DO think about how you’ll use the space. That may help determine your layout, furniture choices, and even your theme.
  • DO consider hiring a pro to help with a bigger man cave conversion in garages and basements.
  • DO try to keep your man cave away from bedrooms to prevent noise and sleep disturbances.
  • DO think about how your man cave can be used by the rest of the family for movie nights, board games, etc.
  • DON’T try to make a man cave out of a corner of a room used for another purpose, if possible. For example, a man cave garage that’s also still used for car, tool, and gardening equipment storage won’t be a very fun place to hang out in.
  • DON’T think you need to spend a lot of money on your man cave if you’re on a tight budget. As long as you have space, you can repurpose furniture and accessories already in your house to create the basics of a great man cave, and build on it slowly as your time and budget allow.

One of the funniest parts about planning a man cave is choosing a theme. Popular man cave themes are rustic, garage-style, bar or tavern-style, old-time, and modern. You’re limited only by your imagination when it comes to choosing a theme for your man cave, so have fun with it!

Even if your space has challenges, there are some helpful tips and ideas to help make the most out of your man cave space:

  • Small man cave ideas: just because your man cave is small doesn’t mean it can’t be a relaxing place to hang out. Take a less-is-more approach and choose only the focal points that matter most and will actually fit in the room. Select furniture that’s comfortable while still staying on the small side (think chairs instead of sofas, for example). Use light paint colors to make the room appear bigger, mount your TV on the wall, and use overhead lighting rather than floor and table lamps to save space. 
  • Garage man cave ideas and garage bar ideas: Garages are popular spaces to convert into man caves. There are some specific questions with a garage conversion you’ll need to answer, however. Is the garage weatherproof? Does it need insulation, heating, or air conditioning? Does the garage already have power? What about flooring? Do you want to install a bar or bathroom, and if so, is plumbing and water available? Do you need to get a permit for anything related to your garage conversion?
  • Man cave ideas for basements and rustic basement ideas: Basements can also make an ideal place to create a place to escape. Like garages, however, basement man cave ideas will depend largely on the space. Is the basement waterproofed? Do you need to add insulation, heating, cooling, or flooring? Is there enough headroom to stand comfortably? What about emergency exits, windows, and other legally-required features? When in doubt, be sure to consult with a pro if you’re not sure about what you need to turn your basement into a killer man cave.

Step 2: Choose Your Man Cave Features

Once you’ve decided on the placement, layout, and theme of your man cave, you can start thinking about what to include, the best furniture, best accessories, best features, and best materials to use. No matter your budget, you can still create the man cave of your dreams:

Focal points

Next, figure out what you want to include in your man cave. Are you a gamer? A big-screen TV, comfy seating, gaming systems, and the right lighting and sound system is a must. You could even go all out with some standalone man cave arcade games. Love to entertain the guys? If you have space and the budget, why not include a bar? (Do a web search for man cave bar ideas to get inspired.) If there’s no space for a bar, you could instead get a small man cave refrigerator. Or if you love to work out, why not include a weight bench and other workout equipment in the space?

Just try not to cram everything in, even if you have space and the budget for it. There’s no point in having a pool table or a ping pong table if you’ll never use them. Think about what’s important to you, how you want to use your space and choose the focal points that matter most to you.

The best man cave furniture

It’s important to select furniture that suits your space and is comfortable and welcoming. It should also be plentiful enough to allow for guests and parties. Different types of seating such as sofas, overstuffed man cave chairs and recliners, bar stools, and table seating will offer versatility to the space that you can use for parties, watching the big game, playing video games, family board game night, or just kicking back with a beer.

The best man cave accessories

Man cave art: Art is a great opportunity to show off your personality and include a little humor and playfulness with the room decor. For example, some man caves feature literal caveman drawings as a fun play on words.

Man cave lighting: the right lighting can go a long way in creating the right ambience in a room. Make sure you have proper lighting for your cave, such as a hanging light over a pool table, ambient lighting for gaming, dimmable lights for watching TV and movies, and spotlights for art.

Man cave signs: a man cave sign, such as something outlining your man cave rules is a fun touch to add a little personal touch to your space.

Man cave wall decorations: decorations are an easy way to show off your theme and your personal interests and hobbies.

Man cave bar ideas and accessories: many man caves will feature some kind of bar or beverage station. You can go rustic or modern; simple or more elaborate: try to find barstools, glasses, and other bar accessories to match your theme to tie the bar area in with the rest of the room.

Step 3: Build It Out

Once everything is planned out and you’ve done your research, the next step is to build out your man cave. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated: there are a lot of DIY man cave ideas on the web that offer tips, tricks, and advice for building out a great space. But if your plans require permits, moving walls, or other bigger construction or remodeling, consider hiring a pro to do the work for you.

One Last Step: Enjoy Your New Space!

This is the most important part of the entire process. If you followed the process, you’re more likely to end up with space you’ll enjoy for years to come. A great man cave will be a place where you can relax with friends, enjoy the game, and have a whole lot of fun.

Design Trends: Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are becoming a trend among many homeowners today.  While compared to most other counter-top materials, Quartz is the appearance of the finished engineered stone is rich, and even luxurious. Quartz is non-porous as well, giving it the strength to resist staining.  Quartz also has the same durability as concrete and granite, but is quite a bit more forgiving so it won’t chip or crack as easily. It also works well with most styles! Take a look at a few examples below for more inspiration!

All images via our Pinterest

Quartz CountertopsVictoria Quartz countertop. Marble vs. Quartz - A Thoughtful Place25+ Inspiational Kitchen Design Ideas For 2018 #kitchens #kitchendesign #kitchendesignideasWhite Quartzite Countertop Ideas. Kitchen with thick White Quartzite Countertop and farmhouse sink. #WhiteQuartzite #Countertop AGK Design Studio. Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Inset Hardware, Contemporary, Kitchen





Design Trends: Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Update your kitchen with a pop of color or hint of contrast with two-toned kitchen cabinets. Adding this trend can give your kitchen the face-lift you’re trying to find! Whether it be adding a statement color or simply lightening up some wood, this trendy addition highlights key features and introduces color diversity to your kitchen. Take a look below for some fresh inspiration.

All images via our Pinterest


Two-toned kitchen cabinets are officially all the rage, like in this kitchen with the lighter upper cabinets and darker lower ones. Click through for more info on two-toned cabinets.

Two tone kitchen cabinets!

For some people, using blue color for kitchen may sound strange. But, with the right way, you can even breathe life into your kitchen with blue accents!  #kitchen #blue #color #cabinet24 Lovely Blue Kitchen Area Cabinet Ideas  #kitchencabinets#kitchendesign#kitchenplayset#kitchenislandideas#kitchentrashcan

Design Trends: Copper Accents

Copper is having a moment right now when it comes to home decor and there is no sign of this trend losing popularity! Despite its rough exterior, copper accents add elegance and edge to your space.

This metal can be used  in light fixtures, furniture, accessories (trays, vases, pillows, pots),  and kitchen accessories. Pair this metallic with wood, marble, white, or mint and you are well on your way to nailing this trend!

All images via our Pinterest

Black and white home decor with a twit- shiny copper pendant lighting fixtureCopper Accents Add Homespun Glamour to This Charming KitchenStylish monochrome living room inspiration with greenery and wood accents. We love the copper coffee tables. #modernliving #contemporarylivingroomLiving Room in Pastel Tones - Lady's Houses"The Sven sofa is so luxurious and it was simple to shop for. Article has modern style high-quality furniture that is shipped directly to you. They have lower prices than you would find at other furniture retailers because they don’t have showrooms or salespeople and the online process is easy." Photo by Eleven Magnolia Lane.#repin    SHELLEY SASS DESIGNS Interior Design in San  Diego 858-255-9050 shelley@shelleysassdesigns.com Let's collaborate and design  your beautiful space today! #interiordesign #remodeling #edesign #homestaging  #interiorstyle #interiorideas #interiors #interiorinspiration #interiorstylist  #interiorinspirationKitchen Arrangement Ideas | Kitchen Furnishing Ideas | New Home Kitchen Design Ideas 20190802





















Design Trends: Built-In Home Bars

The built-in home bar is one design trend that is back in a big way! Updated for 2019, this trend borrows heavily from other popular interior design trends. Many built-in home bars feature white or grey cabinetry, mixed metals, glass-fronted cabinets, or a reflective backsplash. If you’ve been thinking of adding your own home bar, check out these ideas for some modern inspiration!

All images via our Pinterest

Rustic Ultimate Bar - LargeBar!                                                                                                                                                                                 MoreFirenze Mezzo Wine and Sprits Credenza with 28 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator This distinctive wine and spirits bar with refrigerator will enhance any interior with its handsome good looks and versatile style. Features:  Rich espresso finish Wine refrigerator holds 28 standard size bottles Digital touchscreen temperature control Dimensions:  37 H X 53 1/2 W X 24 7/8 D Inches145Rustic Ultimate Bar - Large | Pottery Barn



Design Trends: Industrial Furniture

A hot interior design trend we’ve been seeing over the past few years that shows no sign of losing steam is industrial furniture! Even if you don’t live in a cool loft with exposed brick and beams, you can still make the industrial design trend work in your home. Check out some of our favorite pieces of inspiration below!

All images via our Pinterest

5 Conscious Tips: Tropical Industrial House tropical industrial house.Industrial Modern Corrugated Metal industrial bedroom window.Industrial Wood Metal..modern industrial living room with tan leather sofa and concrete coffee table312c88cec27b739f85edccd449725bcca9aeadf00df277c49c375669d3bb489da16ac931d22a186218c4ffa2d8ea0c705b1b7d5fb7dfbfedd146d182a0e35c8ce7bd7553deef907199391cd0f11cbe56Dunkle Wohnideen mit natürlichem Licht. Dunkle Wände Holztisch.,  #dunkle #hol... - #dunkle #Hol #Holztisch #Licht #mit #natürlichem #Wände #Wohnideen

How to Make Your Home Your Stress-Free Sanctuary

By Laurie Larson

As you know, home is where the heart is, but it should also be where you find peace of mind. Your home should be a refuge from stressors, like from work, school, and other commitments. You should be able to come home and relax in an environment that functions as a haven and a sanctuary.

Having a stress-free sanctuary is important to your family as well as your individual health and sense of well-being. See the following tips on how to make your home what it needs to be for you and your family.


  1. Optimize your bedroom

Make your bedroom your cocoon. You can transform your bedroom into being the haven for rest and relaxation you need it to be through straightforward, simple measures. First of all, you should make your bedroom for one thing only: sleep.

This means no television, work desk, or exercise equipment that can distract you or deter you from getting quality sleep. Second of all, you want a comfortable sleep structure. Invest in plush, soft blankets, a new high thread count sheet set, and consider whether you need a new mattress. Since we spend one-third of our lives asleep, investing on what you sleep upon is essential for optimum physical and mental wellness.


  1. Go Green

Nothing appeals to our senses in a way that leads to serenity like nature, whether it be through plants, flowers, lit candles, essential oils or natural light. Adding natural accents to your home not only promotes mental well-being, but it is good for your health as well.

Did you know that plants elevate mood, reduce your anxiety, and can even improve cognitive function? Not only that, plants are both the least expensive and most effective way to rid your house of indoor toxins. See most effective plants. Also, consider an essential oil diffuser for your home to get rid of any odor, plus choose a signature scent for your home that appeals to the senses.

Fresh flowers are a nice touch too, to help remind you of nature’s beauty right inside your home. And by all means, open your curtains and blinds – exposure to natural light is paramount for elevating mood, overall health, and anxiety levels – plus it freshens up your household surroundings.


  1. Eliminate Visible Stressors

We carry so much stress on your shoulders, with reminders circulating in our heads about errands, obligations, deadlines and bills, so much less do we need physical reminders of them as well.

Consider donating your wall clocks in your house, especially since you already have clocks on your microwave, stove, alarm clock, and more. Also, make your refrigerator a place only for children’s art and special mementos, not for bills and other notices.


  1. Clear the Clutter

Above all, the number one thing you can do to reduce stress in your home is to declutter it, creating room, peace, simplicity, and tranquility. Try reducing each room to the bare necessities in terms of at least what is visible.

Create hidden storage areas for everything else. As simplicity decreases stress, remember that purging is an essential means of decluttering. If you haven’t used something or worn something in two years, then donate it!

Purging helps you prioritize and simplify, helping you carefully consider what you keep and what you discard, as well as what you choose to purchase.

Remember that managing stress is important but that it is also a process. Through time and developing routine habits, you have the power and ability to make your house the stress-free sanctuary it needs to be. While renovating your home to be stress-free, consider some home decor inspiration as well!

Image by Pexels