Restaurant of the Moment: DZ Akin’s

DZ Akin’s

6930 Alvarado Road, San Diego CA 92120


DZ Akin’s is family-owned and managed and it shows. The quality of their food products is superior in taste and texture.


The fresh baked breads make the sandwiches a standout, particularly where the challah is involved. The meats taste fresh, without the tang of artificial preservatives that tends to mar other lunch meats. And the meats aren’t salted to within an inch of their life, either. It’s just food the way that food is supposed to taste.

They’re known for their Reuben in particular, as well as the corned beef sandwich and their ethnic foods like knishes, latkes, matzo ball soup, and more.

No trip to DZ Akin’s is complete without a sampling of their pastries and cookies. They’re all delicious, especially the cookies, which are downright addicting. You can’t just eat one. Or three.

The deli menu and bakery options are extensive– you can come back over and over and still not scratch the surface of all they offer.


The portions are also huge, giving you a lot of food for the price. Most dishes here can be easily shared by two adults and no one will walk away hungry.

If you’re looking for something family-owned, authentically San Diego, and downright good, make a stop at DZ Akin’s.