Restaurant of the Moment: Underbelly

3000 Upas St.

San Diego, CA 92104


Ramen is the latest food trend that has taken San Diego by storm! While authentic asian cuisine has always had a home on Convoy St, delicious ramen shops have been popping up all over San Diego. With two locations in the Little Italy and North Park neighborhoods, Underbelly is one of the highest rated ramen restaurants on Yelp and for good reason: it’s simply delicious!

Underbelly’s most popular ramen dishes are the Underbelly and Belly of the Beast entrees. The Underbelly ramen features soft boiled egg, char-siu belly, applewood smoked bacon, and adobo pulled pork topped with all of your favorite traditional ramen toppings. The Belly of the Beast features soft boiled egg, oxtail dumplings, smoked brisket, and hoisin glazed short rib. They also have a Vegetable Ramen that is packed full of tasty veggies!

If ramen isn’t your thing, Underbelly also has some notable non-ramen dishes. The North Park location has a more extensive menu than Little Italy so be sure to check out the menu before you decide on a location to visit. At the North Park location, we tried the Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl which was absolutely delicious! It featured tasty fried chicken, cabbage, furikake, kewpie mayo, and nori.

Seating at the North Park location is limited, with much of the available seats being on their outdoor patio. Underbelly North Park is located right next to Modern Times Brewery so if you’re feeling hungry after an afternoon of tasting craft brews, pop on over for a bowl of satisfying and delicious ramen!


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