5 Tips for Making Military Friends in a New Town

Making friends can be tough, especially when constantly on the move. Fortunately you are moving among many other military spouses who understand moving to a new place and starting fresh! Here are 5 powerful ways to diminish that loneliness and build a network of military friends in your new town!

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1. Volunteer

Why not help yourself while helping others? Getting out of the house and assisting your new community will allow you to gain access to information about upcoming events and ultimately lead you towards getting to know other people. Check out your community service building to find a particular place or project that sparks your interest and hop on board!

2. Create a Meet up Event

Perhaps you’re a book lover? Or maybe you’re extremely talented in the arts? Have you considered creating connections by simply engaging in the activities you love? Try setting up a local book club or even a painting class! If you’re having trouble finding interested people, try joining a site like meetup.com, where you can find people near you with similar interests.

3. Join Facebook Groups

Ditch the fan pages for a while and browse through some of the private group recommendations. When you find one that seems like you can fit right in with, send an invite to join the group. Once you’re accepted, introduce yourself on the dashboard, interact on previous posts, and maybe even become acquainted with someone in your area! Either way, you’ll have someone new to talk to, even if it’s not face to face.

4. Set Up a Play Group

If you’re out and about with your little one and happen to notice another parent with a child about the same age as yours, try striking up a conversation to see what the chances are of setting up a playdate. With luck, you might just hit it off with the parent and can bond over similar interests while the kids play. This is the perfect way to ensure that both of you experience the joys of friendship.

5. Use Your Connections

Take advantage of your surroundings and daily encounters. The neighbor you bump into every morning could be a potential best friend. While working out at the gym take a look at the boards and see if anyone is seeking a gym buddy. Have an at-home business? Observe your business connections to see who you share interests with and invite them out for coffee. Maybe your spouse knows of someone who is in the same position you are friend-wise. Opening your eyes to the daily opportunities you have to make friends will increase your chances of creating solid friendships.

Don’t let the friendships of others discourage you, let them inspire you! Take action and put yourself out there. Don’t dwell on what you might have missed out on, but take it into your own hands to create something new and everlasting in your new town!

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(Article originally appeared on Relobase.com)


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