16 Things to Take Care of Before Your Next PCS

In many families, summer is the time to relax and catch up with friends and loved ones you may not see during the school year. However, in many military families, summer is also the season of moving. If you are PCSing, are all the bits and pieces covered? Here 16 things you shouldn’t forget when preparing for your PCS.


Details for the Little People

Here are the small bits that you need to take care of to ensure your children have the smoothest transition possible.

  1. Make sure you have a copy of their school records to register them at the new base.
  2. Make copies of all transcripts in case something gets lost in the move.
  3. Make sure you have all medical records to present to your next family doctor, whether on base or off.
  4. If the children are involved in sports, research the same sport on your new base. Find out if there are registration deadlines you need to meet before you arrive and check the age requirements as some may change.
  5. Collect mailing addresses as well as electronic contact information for your children’s friends and their families. Moving is a difficult process for your child. Make sure they understand that while they need to move because your sponsor has orders, they do not need to lose their friendships. No matter if they attend school on base or off, alert their current school if you need to take them out before the final day of classes. This will give them time to take any state required tests as well as give the teachers a chance for a proper goodbye.
  6. Talk to your children and give them a timeline of the coming changes so they have time to take care of all their own small bits and pieces.

Details for the Big People

  1. Before moving, research the steps in registering your car in the new state.
  2. Update your voter registration.
  3. If you are a young parent, reach out to others at your new base. Having friends waiting for you will make the transition easier.
  4. If you live off base, contact all current utility providers including TV and internet and give them your leave date. If you are going to live off bae at your new location, call for hook up appointments as soon as possible.
  5. If you’re still going to school, transfer college credits or look into taking online courses at your current school.
  6. Fill out the appropriate forms with the post office to make sure your mail follows you. As you change your address, also contact any credit card and subscription companies.
  7. Update your banking information.
  8. Make time for you during the move. It is a very important to take time for yourself so that you do not get stressed or burned out from the process.
  9. Ask for help! This is an often overlooked step that can make a huge difference in the process.
  10. Arrange for work in your new town. Try to get as many phone interviews as possible in before arriving. If you have a new job to look forward to, this can negate a lot of stress. This goes for all members of the family who are working on or off base.

These are just a few of the small bits and pieces to consider before your next PCS. Research, plan, and prepare to ensure the transition is smooth for everyone!

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(Article originally appeared on Relobase.com)

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