Coastal Premier Properties Celebrates 8 Years!


Coastal Premier Properties is proud to celebrate its 8th anniversary! In March of 2009, Amy and Susan opened the doors of Coastal Premier Properties to fulfill their dream of being able to hand-select the best agents that share their same values of bringing a personal and collaborative approach to real estate. The company they have built and the people they have hired are the embodiment of that dream. As we celebrate our 8th anniversary this month, we’re proud to report that our company has grown by over 600% in the last three years, while still remaining true to our core values. Co-owner Amy Green remarked, “Our culture is the heart and soul of our company. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Today, Coastal Premier Properties has over 140 agents and staff members working all across San Diego County. We have seven offices in North County San Diego, a full-service property management division, and a broker-affiliated escrow company. Coastal Premier Properties is known for our dedication to our clients and our commitment to building a collaborative, forward-thinking brokerage. Co-owner Susan Meyers-Pyke adds, “Amy and I are so appreciative of all of our clients who have supported us over the years and the agents who have come to work with us. We opened Coastal Premier Properties during a tough time in the market so it’s just so cool to see where we are only eight years later!”


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