9 Things To Do Before Your Military PCS to San Diego

Living in San Diego is a strong possibility for military families; particular Navy and Marine Corps. A little planning can make the transition easier. Here are 9 Things To Do Before Your Military PCS to San Diego!


Make a Plan For The Children:

The organizational tasks of a military PCS scatter themselves in a variety of ways and often, they fall entirely on the military spouse. If there are older kids in your family, consider engaging them in the organizational and planning tasks to help them feel more involved with the PCS process.

The local school liaison will be a valuable resource before, during, and after the move. If your family requires daycare or a pre-school enrichment program for children under 5, we recommend researching and designating several centers for drop-in visits.

You may be able to network with other military families for recommendations. Make sure to utilize the free Relobase network.

Arrange New Medical Care:

You never know what can happen during a military relocation. For potential emergencies we recommend locating the closest urgent care and ER. Procuring a new family doctor, dentist, and veterinarian will also be necessary.

Create an Emergency Contact List:

Create an emergency contact list for use during the PCS. This is especially important while medical and dental contacts are pending.

Update Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License

Many military families choose to register their vehicles in their home state or the state in which they have their home of record as well as retain their home state licenses. States have varying rules regarding these practices. Most DMV websites have information specific to military families on their pages.

Register to Vote:

This is an important detail that depends entirely on your current address. Service members and their families should not be left out of the voting process!

Update Financial Accounts:

Ensure your financial institutions have your new address. Set up new accounts.

Update Military Car Insurance:

When PCSing ensure you verify that your current auto insurance offers plans in your new location. Not all insurance companies offer auto insurance in all states. Also, if you’re shipping a vehicle, find out if the company offers a military car insurance option of suspension during periods of disuse.

Make Personal Connections:

San Diego Military Family Collaborative provides social opportunities through support groups, parenting classes, and even exercise classes specifically designed to accommodate the needs of military families. They also have a newsletter you can sign up for.

Download the Relobase App

Click here to download the Relobase app to help you plan your PCS to San Diego! Relobase helps you pack, plan every step of the trip, and even saves you money! Relobase is the only app by and for military service members.

(This article originally appeared on Relobase.com)


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