What is the Offer Process?


Congratulations! You’ve found a property you’d like to purchase! The first step to getting into escrow with the seller is to write an offer. The offer will include such things as the price you’d like to pay for the home, any special conditions such as a longer or short term escrow, items to convey such as washer and dryer, etc. Your real estate agent will submit your offer once you are satisfied with the conditions.

Then, you will normally receive a counter-offer from the seller. Sometimes you get lucky at this point and the seller will notify that they have accepted the price and terms of your offer and you will go into escrow. But most likely the seller will have conditions of their own. Your real estate agent will review the seller’s counter-offer with you. If you are agreeable, your agent will give the seller’s agent notice that you accept their terms.

Sometimes, you may wish to submit another counter-offer of your own. These counters will go back and forth until both parties mutually accept the terms of the sale contract or you, the buyer, decide to withdraw your offer. If the offer doesn’t get accepted through negotiations, sometimes the agent can stay in contact with the listing agent and bring the negotiations back to the table at a later date. Of course, the buyer can always look for and purchase another property.


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