What Happens During An Open House?


An open house allows prospective buyers to come and view your home without an appointment. You may not wish to hold any open houses. But if you do, you should discuss with your agent what days and times work for you. You will want your house to be ready for the open house and you will also want to arrange for all of your family (and pets, if possible) to be out of the house for the entire period.

During an open house, your agent will greet potential buyers for your home. Many of these buyers will be attending the open house with their own agent, but some potential buyers may not have an agent or will stop by on their own. Your neighbors may also wander over to check out the inside of your home.

Your agent will answer any questions about your home as well as try to get a sense of the market feedback. What we mean by that is: how is the home showing? Is it priced right? Is there a lot of positive interest in your property?

After the open house, your agent will give you feedback about showing and also follow up with the perspective buyers and agents that came through that day.





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