Five Things To Know About Solana Beach

Whether you’re a local resident or visitor, here are five things you might not know about Solana Beach, CA.

Insider Tip #1: Cedros Avenue


Cedros Avenue is a unique street that features 85 shops. Many of the shops feature local art as well as boutiques and garden shops along with many great places to grab a coffee or bite to eat.

One of the many shops on Cedros is Bixby and Ball which features every home decor item someone may want. Another local shop, Adventure 16, offers everything an outdoor enthusiast would want from camping supplies to hiking to even backpacking. Lastly, Aaron Change, a world-renowned surf photographer, has his own art studio on Cedros.

 Insider Tip #2: Belly Up Tavern


The Belly Up is an iconic San Diego music venue in Solana Beach. The Belly Up provides a uniquely intimate environment for viewers. Many different acts have played at the Belly Up from local bands to The Rolling Stones.

The Belly Up has shows almost every night of the week. Its in-house band, Atomic Grove, plays whenever another band isn’t scheduled to play that night and is a local favorite.

Insider Tip #3: Pizza Port


Established in 1987 by a pair of brothers, Pizza Port offers many great pizzas and award winning beer. Solana Beach is the original location, but there are a total of four Pizza Port locations across San Diego, each a few blocks from the beach. It’s nice to end a long day at the beach with a slice of tasty pizza and a delicious selection of beer.

One of the most popular pizzas is the San Francisco which is topped with Canadian bacon, pepperoni, salami, bell peppers, and onions. Another popular option is the Pizza Solana, which is piled high with shrimp, clams, onions, olives, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Each Pizza Port location offers different brews, but some of the most popular beers at the Solana Beach location includes the Swamis IPA and the Cardiff Cream Ale.

Insider Tip #4: Fletcher Cove


Fletcher Cove was given its name in 1922 by Colonel Ed Fletcher, an early leader in the area now known as Solana Beach. To create beach access from the town of Solana Beach (which was bordered by cliffs) down to the ocean, one man used a hydraulic water pressure hose every day for three months to create an opening in the cliff down to the water. Fletcher Cove opened in the 1920’s and on July 4th 1925 local residents held horse races on the beach.

Insider Tip #5: Solana Beach Train Station



The Solana Beach train station is one of many coastal train stations in San Diego. It’s an ideal stop, whether you’re coming to Solana Beach to explore the local shops or on your way out of Solana Beach, perhaps down to the city of San Diego or even all the way up to Los Angeles.

During racing season, many people take the train down to Solana Beach to watch the horses run. During downtown events like Comic-Con or Padres games, many people again take the train from Solana Beach to avoid parking.


We encourage you to share any insider tips about Solana Beach you may have with us in the comments!



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