Five Things To Know About Del Mar

Whether you’re a local resident or visitor, here are five things you might not know about Del Mar, CA.

Insider Tip #1: Del Mar Pier


The Del Mar Pier, originally built in 1908, was one of Del Mar’s iconic landmarks before getting torn down in 1958. Naval infantry use to jump off the end of it in preparation for WW II. Surfers were also seen jumping off the end of it right into the surf lineup. Many local residents and visitors that go to 15th street during the winter months on low tide can see old remains of the pier. 

Looking at Del Mar today, it’s hard to imagine that there used to be a pier that ran right through the middle of the beach. The pier can be seen in old photos from the mid to early 1900’s.

Insider Tip #2: Surfing in Del Mar


Since Del Mar is located where it is in San Diego, it picks up all kinds of swells from big northwest winter swells to the fun summer south swells. Excellent for all levels of surfers! What people don’t know about surfing in Del Mar is that from 8th-15th streets, there is a reef that runs along the ocean floor which causes that stretch of beach to break differently. However, from 17th St over to Dog beach there’s a beach break which consists of a sand bottom. 

The stretch of reef and beach break in Del Mar makes for a series of different breaks. Depending on ones level of surfing, the reef offers more of a sloppy take off which could be favored by more beginners surfers however a low tide and big swell at the reef could cause steeper and faster waves. The stretch of beach break from 17th-Dog beach picks up all types of swells, but only breaks right on certain swell directions and if the sand is shifted in the right spots. Get out there and give it a go!


Insider Tip #3: Best Time to Visit Del Mar


The best time to visit Del Mar is Sept-Nov. Most tourist have left, the “June gloom” that brings in the Marine layer is usually gone, and weather is typically glorious! During the summer months Del Mar tends to get flooded with people due to its beautiful beaches and weather. What many people don’t know is that once August passes the weather chooses to hang around until late October. 

Being able to enjoy the sunny 70 degree weather from September-October with no one around makes Del Mar seem like an oasis at times. The time one spends at the beach in Del Mar during those months will change your life for the better!

Insider Tip #4: Local Dining Spot “Board and Brew”


The place where you’ll most likely find a line for food is Board and Brew (they truly have the secret sauce!) Board and Brew has every type of Sandwich imaginable, from the Turkado, to the Baja Beef, and lastly the Italian Sub. Board and Brew is one of those places sandwich lovers dream about. Since Board and Brew is located right next to the beach, there’s nothing like grabbing a sandwich and heading down to the beautiful Del Mar coastal cliffs to enjoy the view and your sandwich. 

Board and Brew offers many types of sandwiches, but one must not forget to ask for a side of the secret sauce. This sauce will put your sandwich on a whole new level!

Insider Tip #5: “Daybreak at Del Mar”


During Racing season, a fun thing that most people (even locals!) don’t know about is “Daybreak at Del Mar” where you can go get the best seats, have a reasonable, simple breakfast, and watch the racehorses get exercised. Being able to enjoy a Sunday breakfast while watching the horses warm up is an experience many racing fans will ever get to see. Getting an inside look at the horses before they race could also be a key factor in walking away with a nice cash payout on your Sunday afternoon.


We encourage you to share any insider tips about Del Mar you may have with us in the comments!


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