Community Focal Point: Blueridge Homes


Looking for a quality home design and remodeling contact? With over 37 years of experience, Richard Carvalho, owner of Blueridge Homes, is your all-in-one resource.


Richard got his architectural engineering degree in the 1970s and started out working for another contractor, before branching off to own his own company. He started out doing a lot of remodeling work, which eventually led to working on bigger, custom homes and doing builds from the ground up. Whatever people need, Richard and Blueridge Homes are there to make it happen.


“I think we really excel on residential builds, taking someone from concept to completion. We put the dream together for them, covering every aspect from drawing to building to interior design,” says Richard.

Previously located exclusively in Montana, Blueridge Homes did a lot of rustic remodels and builds. When the log cabin look was popular, they used to do lots of builds using actual logs. They also pioneered a barn and residential home combo that was very popular. They have experience in blending a variety of architectural styles to get a more rustic look if the client requires or whatever mode of project they envision. In the San Diego area, the Santa Barbara or Mediterranean styles are very popular as well as more modern designs. Whatever you envision, Blueridge helps you achieve it.


Richard’s background in architectural engineering means that when you hire Blueridge Homes, you’re getting someone who is knowledge about the process from start to finish.

“On most of our projects, we do our own drawing and designs,” explains Richard. “I find that it keeps a better connect with the client, when the designer and builder are the same person. We can evaluate what the client is trying to achieve with their build or remodel. This allows us to evaluate what options in the design and building process will keep the costs down or save time, if that’s what the client needs. We also know that if the client is having the project commissioned with the intent to flip the home right away or within a few years, that we need to consider what the average home buyer is going to like. If the client is building their dream home and plans to stay there forever, that’s a different sort of conversation.”


Blueridge Homes is capable of handling any project, whether residential, commercial, or public works. Since relocating to California, most of their projects have involved either a residential remodel or public works projects like hospitals. They are a licensed and bonded contracting company. They also have a designer on staff to assist their clients with picking out colors and materials for their project whether that’s furniture, paint colors, or countertop types.


Contact Richard and Blueridge Homes With Questions or a Service Request:


Office: (760) 712-6795

Cell (Richard Direct): (406) 580-7906



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