The Not-So Glamorous Life of a Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent is easy right? You get to talk to people all day and drive around looking at pretty houses. Maybe you sell one here and there. No boss, no cubicle, no coworkers.

While we love our jobs at Coastal Premier Properties and love when things go easily, our actual day-to-day work is far less glamorous.




Take a look at what three of our top agents were up to this week:


Agent #1: On my way to a showing and the seller calls me from my work. “I forgot to pick up the dog poop from the backyard!” she says. The buyers are already on their way, so when I get to the house, I find some paper towels and pick up all the droppings from the yard before the buyers and their agent get there.


Agent #2: I’m selling a house that needs a new interior paint job. Problem is, the walls are so patchy and faded, I’m not even sure what color they’re supposed to be. We want to match as much of the paint as well can, to save costs on what we don’t have to repaint. I found a closet and laid down inside in the dark with a screwdriver, chipping off some bits of paint that we could use to get the match. Next up: handling the repainting myself.


Agent #3: I’m doing my walkthrough of the house, getting it ready for the buyers who are already on their way. I get to the master bathroom upstairs and discover that the maid forgot to clean the toilet. Worse yet, it’s the one the contractors have all been using, so it’s not going to pass for “clean”. Frantically, I open up the cabinets and grab some cleaning supplies. I finish cleaning the toiler right as I hear the buyers as the door downstairs.


There you have it…just another day in the life of a real estate agent. So the next you see your agent, be sure to say “Thanks”!

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