San Diego’s Must-See Museums

San Diego’s Must See Museums

Whether you’re a die-hard museum goer or a casual weekend visitor, San Diego has plenty of museums to fit every fancy. Here’s a list of some of the top, can’t-miss stops.


San Diego Air and Space Museum: This museum tells the story of aviation history through fascinating simulations and exhibits. The museum particularly highlights San Diego’s personal heritage in the aviation field from Lindbergh’s spirit of St. Louis to the establishment of Convair. Youth: $9, Adults $18, and Seniors $15


Mingei International Museum: Mingei means “art of the people” which is certainly what this museum represents. This non-profit public institution boasts an 19,000 piece collection that hails from 140 countries across the globe. Adults: $8, Seniors: $5



The New Children’s Museum: This museum is dedicated to providing an innovative environment for kids to learn and play. The Children’s Museum features art making activities and artistic performances and serves all ages from toddler to teen. Adults & Children: $10 (children under 1 are free), Seniors: $5



San Diego Natural History Museum: As the oldest scientific institution in the region, this 134 year old museum focuses on the natural habitats of Southern California and the Baja Peninsula. The museum highlights native insects, dinosaurs, mammals, geology, flora, and fauna. Adults: $17, Seniors: $15, Military/College Student w/ID & Youth: $12, Children: $11 (under 2 are free).



San Diego Museum of Art: The San Diego Museum of Art is the region’s largest fine art museum and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The museum offers a wide collection of art from 5000 b.c. to present day works. Children 6 & under: Free, Youth: $4.50, College Student w/ ID: $8, Seniors/Military: $9, Adults: $12, Family 4 pack (2 adults, 2 children): $28.


Reuben H Fleet Science Center: This museum offers a well-rounded glimpse into the field of science. From watching an IMAX film in the world’s first dome theater to looking at real human tissue through a microscope, kids and adults alike will be amazed. Adults: $17.95, Seniors: $15.95, Juniors: $14.95


Maritime Museum of San Diego: The Maritime Museum celebrates restoring, maintaining, and operating historic ships and is home to the world’s oldest active vessel, the Star of India. Guests can go sailing on the Californian or explore a vast collection of permanent and temporary exhibits during a daily tour. Adults: $16, Senior/Military/Students: $13, Children: $8



Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum: This museum is exclusive to San Diego and allows visitors to imagine a life at sea with over 60 exhibits and 27 restored aircrafts. As the most visited floating museum in the world and the longest serving U.S. Navy carrier of the 20th century, this museum certainly has some history to share. Adults: $20, Seniors: $17, Students w/ ID: $15, Military & Children: $10 (special discounts for tickets purchased online)



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