Restaurant of the Moment: The Hake

The Hake Kitchen & Bar

1250 Prospect St, Ste B10

La Jolla, CA 92037

(858) 454-1637

Located below street level on Prospect, this restaurant has the feel of dining in an older restaurant around the turn of the century. When they’re busy, it can be loud, but not awful. The outdoor patio is very comfortable, especially with the heat lamps.

The food is very, very good. The Smokey Mahi Tacos are absolutely delicious, if a bit small. For two people, they brought out two, street-sized tacos. The complexity of favors and perfection of the food made up for the small size, though we did wish we had more of them to eat.

The Braised Short Ribs were also amazing. So tender, flavorful, and juicy. We used the polenta side to mop up some of the juices and sauce from the ribs. The Black Angus Burger with Truffle Fries was also a standout. Juicy and so moist, just the right size to hold in your hand. All of the flavors and pieces were well combined and the burger wasn’t overstuffed to the point of falling apart. The fries were quite good, small and crispy, with just a hint of the Truffle oil.

They have a number of specialty drinks, as well as beers on tap and wines.

Service is good and the food comes out quickly, even on a busy Saturday night. But reservations are a must and make sure to bring a sweater if you don’t want to wait for a table inside. The portions of everything are on the small side, so make sure to order several dishes!


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