Restaurant of the Moment: The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear

4516 Mission Blvd Ste C

92109 San Diego



The Baked Bear is definitely an ice cream shop that relies on a gimmick: ice cream cookie sandwiches. But in this case, the gimmick is pulled off spectacularly well, as evidenced by the fact that the shop always seems to be busy, no matter when you go there. Located on Mission Boulevard just off Garnet in Pacific Beach, it has quite the prime location.

Ice cream sandwiches can be made using two cookies, brownie, or waffles, or one of each. You can mix and match the flavors of the cookies to suit your ice cream and even add on an extra scoop or additional toppings pressed around the edge of the sandwich.


The baked goods are always soft and fresh and the ice cream is smooth, delicious, and not too frozen. The sandwiches are a bit messy, but what can you really expect?

You can also get an ice cream sundae or float.

Next time you’re in Pacific Beach, be sure to visit The Baked Bear, open every day!


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