Restaurant of the Moment: Best Pizza and Brew

Best Pizza and Brew


9172 Mira Mesa Blvd

San Diego, 92126


San Diego was recently voted one of the best cities for pizza. And it’s no surprise, with so many quality restaurants and hole-in-the-wall local favorites. Best Pizza and Brew is one of Mira Mesa’s best kept secrets.

Their pizza is of the thin-crust variety and is packed with delicious and quality toppings. Aside from their pizza, which you can also buy by the slice (perfect for a quick solo dinner!), they sell other great dishes like flavorful salads and their special Bacon mac’n’cheese. They have lots of craft beers and hard ciders on tap, along with a wine menu. There’s even a small bar area inside. Top off your meal with one of their tasty, fresh-baked cookies.

There isn’t much indoor seating so bring a jacket and grab a spot under the heat lamp! There’s plenty of space for dogs on their patio, too.

The next time you’re in Mira Mesa or craving some great pizza at a good prize, stop by Best Pizza and Brew! You won’t be disappointed.


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