Restaurant of the Moment: Spike Africa’s

Spike Africa’s: Fresh Fish Grill and Bar

Spike Africa’s
411 Broadway Ave,
San Diego, CA 92101


Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, on the corner of 4th and Broadway, Spike Africa’s is a great offering in the casual seafood restaurant category. The ambiance and decor are functional, modern, and pleasing. The staff is friendly and the service fast, even on a Saturday night.

They’re known for their house-made BBQ chips and onion dip. The chips are delicious and have a unique barbeque taste. They pair well with the onion dip, but are good on their own. The chips are large and thin, giving them a nice crunch.

Don’t miss the clam chowder: it’s fantastic! Real, hearty New England style clam chowder topped with a San Diego twist: fresh, garlic croutons. Definitely a stand-out.


For the main course, we tried the Shrimp and Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese which was very, very good. It’s a hearty meal and more than enough for one. If you and your dining companions like to order dishes to share, pick this one: it’s rich and dense enough to satisfy several people.

The fish and chips were another solid offering. Fried to the perfect consistency and served piping hot.

They are best known for their butterscotch pudding dessert. If you’re not a butterscotch fan, the coconut-habanero bites also come well-recommended.

For the over-21 crowd, they also make some great cocktails

Note: they don’t have their own parking lot, so allow plenty of time to look for street parking or to park in one of the garages.

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