Community Focal Point: Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH)

Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH)

North America Sales Representative: Andy Culp


While perhaps not exactly a local business, CMH has plenty of appeal for Southern Californians.

In business for over fifty years, CMH founded the sport and concept of heli-skiing. Since then, they have become one of the sport’s most prominent and elite companies. They have the most market-share, the most experienced and high-quality guides, and the most remote, backcountry lodges.

So, what is heli-skiing?

Essentially, it’s the highest caliber of powder-skiing experience. Helicopters are used to gain access to remote, backcountry destinations where the mountains are topped with pristine snow conditions.

CMH appeals to a broad group of people with one thing in common: a passion for skiing powder. While CMH requires its guests to be strong, advanced skiers (able to ski down a black diamond run at a resort), skiing in powder is vastly different from the snow most skiers are used to. CMH offers an experience for a wide range of skiers from intro to powder skiing to the professional level.

All of their lodges are in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  Two lodges are accessible by car and the other nine are remote, so CMH helicopters will transport you from the heli-pad to the backcountry locations. This is a true vacation destination for those who want to have fun, get outdoors, and truly get away from it all.

To schedule your CMH holiday, visit their website and contact Andy Culp at!


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