Restaurant of the Moment: Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

1775 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA, 92109


In San Diego, there’s no shortage of places to get fish from. Most though, tend to be fancier, less casual, and more expensive. The fish shop in Pacific Beach combines great food, more affordable prices, and a casual atmosphere.

It’s always busy. Always. But as San Diegans who have stood in line for Phil’s BBQ know, that just means it lives up to the hype.

The seating is indoor/outdoor, but be sure to dress in layers…depending on how crowded they are, you might end up sitting outside. The doors to the patio are also usually open so the servers can move back and forth. There are some heat lamps outside, though.

In addition to be able to order food to eat right then, you can also buy raw fish from their case to take home.

The menu allows you to order any of their fish in four ways: as a plate, sandwich, salad, or taco. The fish can be grilled or fried with a number of marinade choices. They recommend the Fish Shop seasoning, but there are plenty of other options including garlic butter, terriyaki, chipotle, and more.

The fish served on the plate is a standout: moist and flavorful, the fish really shines here. The plates come with a choice of two sides, all of which are very good. The salads, tacos, and sandwiches are also quite good, as each comes with a number of toppings and sides.

As far as appetizers go, the lobster lumpia, fish and chips, and fish shop chowder are quite good.

Overall, this is a great dining experience. They also serve alcohol and you can drink out on the patio.

The Fish Shop is also dog-friendly to well-behaved dogs, so bring your pooches with you.

Note: It’s always busy and you will have to wait in line to order your food. Once you order, the food comes out pretty fast though.


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