Restaurant of the Moment: Prep Kitchen

Prep Kitchen La Jolla

(Sister Restaurants: Prep Kitchen Del Mar, Prep Kitchen Little Italy, and Whiskenladle La Jolla)
7556 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 875-7737


The La Jolla Prep Kitchen location is one a family of restaurants that includes the other two Prep Kitchen locations across San Diego, as well as Whiskenladle. With dinner every day, weekday lunches, weekend brunches, and daily happy hours, it’s east to find time to head to Prep Kitchen in La Jolla.

Like so many “foodie” restaurants, Prep Kitchen boasts a menu that’s rather on the sparse size, though the flavor and portion size is decidedly not. Rather than spreading the resources on a novel-length menu, Prep Kitchen has focused its efforts on creating a small set of dishes well.

They focus on creating seasonal dishes with the freshest ingredients, to provide a unique culinary experience. Though the menu changes regularly, there’s sure to be something delicious that catches your eye.

When we gave Prep Kitchen La Jolla a try, we selected the Whiskenladle burger and the Bolognese, which turned out to be both filling and tasty.

This particular location boasts more patio than indoor seating. Great for the summer and milder months, though in winter it will most likely prove to be more of a problem to get a table. Quiet location, great for casual, but romantic dinners or a relaxed evening among friends.


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