Community Focal Point: Home Energy Clearing

Community Focal Point: Home Energy Clearing

Services performed by Eileen Kurlander



What do you do when the house is beautiful and priced right, but no one is making an offer? What do you do when your home just can’t seem to close?
Don’t lower the price just yet–order a Home Energy Clearing.

A what?

Buyers may not always know why or what about the house makes them scurry out saying, “It just doesn’t feel right”. What they are feeling is just the presence of the prior homeowners, preventing them from “making it their own”.

Sometimes, it’s more than just the prior owners. It could be ghosts or some other entity. Either way, a good Home Energy Clearing is in order.

Views of the home holding energy information have even been cited as far back as the biblical writings. From Habakkuk 2:11: “For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it”.

Today, a Home Energy Clearing has started to be used more regularly and talked about more openly. It is commonly used to clear a death in the property, pot farm or meth lab energy, release depressing feelings, divorce energy, dark feeling or cold areas, possible or likely ghosts, and most often, to help make a house sell.

Sellers are hoping to clear out all that heavy energy and “raise the vibration” of the house so it feels great to buyers, even checking the Mezzuzot hanging in Jewish homes to make sure the energy is good.  The goal is to avoid having the property sitting on the market so long that it faces multiple price adjustments. One Rancho Santa Fe homeowner said that, after a clearing, “There is a significant difference. It feels lighter and more peaceful, almost a different house”.  She called days later with news of “going into escrow”.

In Hong Kong and other Asian Cultures, a “Hongza House” (house with ghosts) has to be disclosed and the price could be knocked off by up to 33%. In the US, there is no such disclosure and these houses naturally don’t get bites. Even though all else looks good, the prices have to drop dramatically to entice buyers.

If you’re having trouble selling your home or just a bought new home and want a true fresh start, try a Home Energy Clearing.

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