Community Focal Point: DZ Akin’s

Community Focal Point: DZ Akin’s

6930 Alvarado Rd.
San Diego, California 92120

In an age where you can pick up a quick sandwich at a chain like subway or simply make it home, what sustains the appeal of a deli?

It’s simple: Good taste, fresh products, great price, and service you can count on.

That’s DZ Akin’s.

A San Diego landmark since 1980, the success of DZ Akin’s has proven San Diego’s need for a good-quality, authentic New York deli. And if you provide, they will come. DZ Akin’s has expanded five times since it opened over thirty years ago.


Open every day of the week from 7am on, they serve an extensive list of sandwiches, bakery products, and ethnic specialties like cheese blintzes, lox, borscht, and more. In return for providing great food, this deli has built up an extensive and loyal customer base. If you’ve never been to DZ Akin’s, you need to go see what the fuss is all about.

It’s about a difference you can taste: there’s simply no substitute for home-cooked, fresh food, full of quality ingredients. In addition to all those sandwiches, they also serve dinner and breakfast entrees like skirt steak and waffles. Indulge in a malt, milkshake, or float. You need only glance at the menu to realize you could easily eat here every day and STILL try something new.

If you’re a particularly fan of Jewish and/or Eastern European specialties, you need to visit this deli. The challah is out of this world. They have an extensive array of all your favorite comfort foods like mahtzo ball soup, tongue, latkes, potato knish, chubbs, pirogen, and kreplach soup.

A truly family-owned business, not only are the owners and staff friendly, there’s a real sense of community here that’s missing from your average deli.


DZ Akin’s frequently offers discounts through Groupon, Yelp, and/or Living Social, so be sure to be on the lookout!


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