Design Trends: Masculine Spaces

Design Trends: Masculine Spaces or, Man Caves

In recent years, there’s been much talk about the designation of man caves, games rooms, and other decidedly male retreats within the home. The successor to the bachelor pad, the creation of these spaces serves to alleviate some marital strife. While the decor and design of the home is often given over to the female, the male sanctuary allows the man some control over his space and what goes in it. Your collection of hunting rifles? On the wall. That crude sign you’ve been holding onto since your college bachelor days? Hang it up. Your signed sports jerseys? Display them. A big screen television with surround sound to watch the game? Go for it. That cool beer bottle lamp you can’t even remember where it came from? Anything goes.

Man caves have many incarnations, from the more traditional garage or tool shed, to a private office or otherwise enclosed room to a basement or attic. These spaces allow for moments of solitude, escapism, or simply a place to relax or actively pursue hobbies.

Do you have a man cave in your home?


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