Community Focal Point: Nori Lights

Community Focal Point: Nori Lights



After nearly being hit by a car in 2011 while riding his bike at night, Christopher Flynn had an idea.

Because the car approached him from the side, his front and back lights did not provide enough visibility to the driver of the car. So, he invented the prototype of Nori Lights, a way to illuminate the shape of the wheels on the bicycle from the side.

He posted a video on Youtube of the prototype of his invention and immediately realized that these lights were something cyclists desperately needed. Nori Lights could save someone’s life.

Two years and a Kickstarter campaign later, Nori Lights were ready to hit the market.


According to Chris, “the Nori Lights are made up of a set of 4 LED pods, each containing 2 finely tuned high intensity UV LEDs, where each pod is connected to a central power supply containing 2x AA Lithium batteries. The pods mount onto the front and rear forks, and align with the side of the rim of each wheel. Using a new breakthrough technology in phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark material, we include in each Nori Light system 4 strips of our special Nori Glow Stripes. Each stripe is placed on the side rim surface of each wheel, and as the wheel rotates, the Nori glow stripes pass by the light from the activating UV LED pods and create a continuous glowing effect, highlighting the contour of the wheels.”


A San Diego native who graduated from the Art Institute after studying 3D animation and visual effects, Chris has been everything from a professor to a graphic designer to a visual effects artists, working on such films as the Shrek series, Captain America, Titanic, and more. Chris considers himself to be an inventor at heart. The Nori Lights, named after his grandfather, represent his dedication to one of his many passions.

**EXCLUSIVE Offer!** The Nori Lights price is normally $85.99 +shipping/handling. But use coupon code coastal20 to take $20 off your order total!

Visit the Nori Lights website ( for more information and view this informational Youtube video about the product. You can also like Nori Lights on Facebook.

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