Wish of a Lifetime: Fulfilling a Wish in San Diego

Coastal Premier Properties Helps Wish of a Lifetime Recipient, Phyllis Turner

Phyllis, Tom, Connie, and Susan

Wish of a Lifetime is an organizing fulfilling the wishes of deserving seniors. Coastal Premier Properties recently had the opportunity to help one woman’s Wish of a Lifetime become a reality.

Phyllis Turner, 86, is a current resident at the Freedom Village in Holland, MI. Music has always been a significant part of her life. Phyllis began playing the Cello when she was in the 8th grade, and ever since she has had a true appreciation for string instruments. Her son took on her appreciation of music and currently plays the Viola for the San Diego Symphony. Phyllis’ wish of a lifetime is to be able to travel to San Diego, CA to watch her son’s performance under the well-known conductor Jahja Ling. When Phyllis graduated High School she dreamed of being able to play her Cello in New York City- but this was unfortunately not an option due to the income. She decided that the next best thing would be to teach music to others. Phyllis taught the 4th grade through 12th grade for many years, but retired when she had to care for her family. Phyllis’ son began playing when he was 4 years old- she knew that he was destined for music. It has been many years since she has been able to listen to him play and with a recent move to San Diego to play in their Symphony; this has sparked a desire for her to travel there to support him.”

On Friday May 24th, Susan Meyers-Pyke of Coastal Premier Properties and her family took Phyllis and her friend, Connie, to see her son, Tom Turner, play the viola in the San Diego Symphony. Her son, Tom Turner, is the first chair violist for the symphony, under the direction of conductor Jahja Ling. His personal viola is over four hundred years old and as he explained to Susan, “My viola is my retirement someday since it is worth well over one million dollars.” On this particular evening, world-renowned violinist Joshua Bell played with the symphony, seated right next to Tom Turner.

Phyllis was so happy to meet her son at the airport. The group then went to dinner before heading backstage at the symphony, where they were part of the symphony’s end of the season toast with Joshua Bell.

Phyllis Turner’s wish was the first wish granted in San Diego by Wish of a Lifetime. Not only does Wish of a Lifetime help seniors fulfill their bucket lists, it also provides a great way for citizens to give back to their community. Wishes like Phyllis’s are made possible through the help of many different volunteers. To find out about wishes being granted in your area or to help Wish of a Lifetime, visit them online.

Phyllis and her son, Tom Turner

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