Restaurant of the Moment: Sushi Kuchi

Sushi Kuchi

4475 Mission Blvd., Suite C

Pacific Beach, CA 92109


Dragon Roll
Dragon Roll

If there’s one thing Pacific Beach isn’t short on, it’s sushi joints. While they may be a dime a dozen, they’re certainly not all created equal.

Sushi Kuchi is definitely on the casual and more affordable side. It’s often loud inside due to their 99-cent Sake Bombs (every night, 7pm-close) and the fact that a birthday celebration calls for the use of a strobe light. But let’s be honest: if you’re dining in PB, ambiance probably isn’t very high on your list.

Yes, there's fire on that plate
Yes, there’s fire on that plate

What is high on that list? A fun time, great flavor, and good value.

Sushi Kuchi serves huge rolls, stuffed to overflowing, and artfully arranged. We sat at the bar when we went and as it turns out, if you buy the sushi makers a sake bomb or two, they’re more than happy to whip you some samples of this or that. We ordered three rolls and ended up sampling about three more with dessert.

Angel Roll
Angel Roll

We tried the Dragon Roll, Angel Roll, and the Homeless roll, which were all amazing. For two hungry people, it was more than enough food. Between that, the drinks, and all the freebies we got, we were both plenty stuffed when we left. Plus, they give you an edamame appetizer.

Word to the wise: if you have conditions that are aggravated by flashing lights, skip Sushi Kuchi.

An example of the beautiful plating
An example of the beautiful plating

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