Community Focal Point: Amy Connor Photography

Community Focal Point: Amy Connor Photography


By Amy Connor

“I want people to feel good through the photographs I take. I love people, I love communication and I want everyone to feel their best.  Life is hard anyway.  A beautiful photo goes a long way.  Memories are all we have and I love that I get the opportunity to create them.”

Amy Connor is a local Carmel Valley based photographer. In business for sixteen years, Amy loves using her passion for photography to serve other people. She got her start at West Virgina University and has also studied photography at the San Francisco Art Academy. As a portrait photographer, she shoots everything from babies to weddings to senior photos to events. Some of the kids whom she shot years ago have grown up and invited Amy to photograph their weddings! Recently, she has moved to photographing more and more businesses, particularly start-ups. She has had the opportunity to photograph some events at the Children’s Hospital, as well as the chance to photograph several musical acts like The Goo Goo Dolls, Maroon 5, and even Usher.

studio_557 copy
By Amy Connor

Amy describes her studio as having that eclectic vintage, Anthropologie style. Stylist Rashae Taylor assists her by finding vintage furniture and pieces like old windows and doors to bring into the studio. While she shoots many of her high school portraits inside the studio, she also loves getting outside and working with natural light and backgrounds. Either way, she loves working with teenagers.

“I am passionate about teenagers. They used to scare me…but I know now they are looking for answers, they are insecure, they are curious.  I want them to feel empowered. I want them to know they are worthy.  I want them to know that they are here and there is no mistake. They are special. They are beautiful.  I want them all to conquer.  Have hope and have faith.  BELIEVE in themselves.  God does not make mistakes. He made them with a purpose.  I want them to find a purpose and hope my photography gives them confidence to go forth and conquer!!!” Amy explains.

In addition to her photography, Amy is passionate about traveling, particularly in Africa. The same energies that inspire her work fuel her love of travel: an eye for the beautiful, the need to connect, and the desire to celebrate people as people.


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