Charity: Senior Wish “Wish of a Lifetime”

Wish of a Lifetime

Wish of a Lifetime
1821 Blake Street Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202


Last weekend at the real estate conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, Amy Green and Susan Meyers-Pyke got to hear some of the inspiring stories of the seniors who have benefited from the Wish of a Lifetime program.

After the presentation, they had a chance to speak more with Jesse Boyd, one of the spokesmen for seniors, pictured below. Jesse posing with Susan Meyers-Pyke, is a three-time war vet. He served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Jesse is pictured in his original WWII uniform, from 1942.


Founded by Jeremy Bloom, the organization strives to provide deserving seniors with their “Wish of a Lifetime”, whether that be dancing with the Radio City Rockettes, going skydiving, or finding a child that was given up for adoption. The stories are inspiring, both in their simplicity and passion. Much like the children’s organization, Make A Wish, the wishes of Wish of a Lifetime are filled with the sum total of hope and yearning of one single life, singular, but so large in scope.

From the WOL website:

“WOL Foundation is built on the premise that senior citizens should be respected, honored and aided in our society.  They have given a lifetime of service, wisdom and most of all love to their community and families.”

All of us have dreams. Not all of us get to achieve them. Wish of a Lifetime helps deserving seniors live theirs.

To learn about volunteering, helping, or donating, visit the website.


2 thoughts on “Charity: Senior Wish “Wish of a Lifetime”

  1. This is truly a wonderful organization, and it was amazing to hear some of the stories wonderful wishes they have granted.

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