Restaurant of the Moment: Manhattan of La Jolla

Manhattan of La Jolla

7766 Fay Ave

La Jolla, California 92037

(located in The Empress Hotel)


Situated inside the The Empress Hotel in downtown La Jolla, Manhattan restaurant has been serving up show-shopping Italian fare for nearly twenty-five years. Established by chefs PJ Macaluso and Bill Wolf, the pair are still there, keeping up the same level of service at the Manhattan.
Over the years, many notable guests have taken a seat at their tables and dined on delectable food. Some of these big names include Johnny Depp, Jay Leno, Danny DeVito, Mel Brooks, and Gene Locklear.
Dinner is served nightly, with lunch Tuesday-Friday. Happy hour in the bar takes place Sunday-Friday from 4:30-6:00pm.
Says Amy Green, “If you want to go back in time to Old World Italy, try Manhattan’s in La Jolla in the Empress hotel. I grew up in Columbus, OH and when I first went to Manhattan’s it reminded me of a few of my favorite restaurants I used to go to with my family when there was a special occasion. The atmosphere is dark and cozy, waiters are all in tuxes, and at around 8:00, music starts at the piano.  It just feel good just being there. The food is just as good, with some of the best cannelloni I’ve ever had ( we usually get one order as an appetizer for the table). One of my favorite main dishes is the chicken a la jean which is topped with creamed spinach. To me, it’s just divine.”

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