Community Focal Point: Lighting by Lucia

Lighting by Lucia

Business Owner: Danielle Lucia Schaffer

Danielle Lucia Schaffer, a lamp designer, recently relocated to the San Diego area. An avid designer, her lamps are sold at Blue Hand Home in Wilmington, North Carolina and Nube Green in Seattle, Washington. Her lamps have even been featured on the TV show, Revolution which is in its first season on NBC.

photo 4

Danielle describes herself as a “lamp-flipper”, a rather resonant description for those of us who deal in real estate. Where house flippers buy houses and fix them up to resell at (hopefully) a higher profit, Danielle does the same thing with lamps. She classifies them as “100% recycled”, preferring to take mid-century glass lamps and fix them up with new parts. She loves adding unexpected elements like old ash trays or flag pole stands. She scours vintage stores, the internet, and flea markets for just the right piece to add to each of her lamps. Because of this, each one is truly unique. It’s rare to get a matching pair. For a finishing touch, she adds gold or silver leaf to all the brass parts on the lamps for a shabby chic aesthetic.

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Anyone in the real estate or design business can tell you how important light is in a home. The ways the windows sit, how they catch the light, can have an entirely different effect on a home. Even when painting or picking out new furniture, it’s important to take into account how everything will look when the light hits. That cream color you loved in the can could look all wrong in your den when the afternoon light comes in. (See our post on using grey in your home). For those houses that are naturally darker, lamps are a necessity all day long. So, instead of having a couch or other bit of decor as your statement piece, why not utilize a lamp?

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You can read more about Danielle and her work on her website or connect with her on her Facebook page. And, if you’re a local San Diego business owner interested in selling any of her gorgeous lamps, be sure to get in touch with Danielle directly.

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