Design Trends: Pale is Pretty

Pale is Pretty: A Turn Towards Lighter Flooring

It used to be that home owners couldn’t get enough of tile floors. That gave way to darker woods, which reigned supreme for many years. Now, the new design aesthetic is pale wood.

While light floors make an excellent combination with light furniture and light walls, the contrast between dark fixtures is still striking. Dark and light together often lends a home an increased air of elegance, while still being modern. While dark woods often bring to mind the interiors of historical English manors, the combination recalls that design trend while still remaining very much in the 21st century.

Many people love the aesthetic of light floors because it can really open up a space. Light floors tend to reflect light, rather than soak it up. The appearance of so much light in the home not only makes small spaces appear larger, it also projects an air of cleanliness, simplicity, and minimalism.

Some examples of light woods are: maple, birch, white oak, ash, red oak, light pine, and hickory


(All images attributions through our Pinterest board)


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