Design Trends: Grey is the New Neutral

Grey is the New Neutral

Our business gives us an insider’s view on what’s new and noteworthy in home trends, be they design or remodel motivated. This week, we’re discussing grey. And more than fifty shades of it, too.

Grey is the new neutral. Like white, cream, or taupe before it, grey is an unexpectedly neutral color. Paint the walls of your home a shade of grey for an instant update.

When you decided to paint in grey, pick out a couple different paint chips and take them home. Based on the lighting in the room and any existing furniture or cabinetry, a shade of grey you loved at Home Depot can look absolutely horrible in your space. Greys can have both cool and warm undertones. It’s important to pick the one that matches your space. The key to a home design that looks professional is continuity in the little things. A room with shades of cool and warm greys, unless that was the desired aesthetic (grey on grey on grey), isn’t going to sit well with the viewer. They might not consciously realize what’s wrong with the room, but the mismatch of undertones will certainly stick out to them as something not quite right.


(Photo attributions on our Pinterest board)

Pantone has declared emerald their color of the year. Spice up your grey space with some emerald accents, like pillows, rugs, or drapes. Emerald goes well with the cool grey palette. For warmer greys, try a deep eggplant purple or even lavender. Add a touch of yellow for extra pop.


(Photo attributions on our Pinterest board)


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