Restaurant of the Moment: 3rd Corner

The 3rd Corner: Wine Shop and Bistro

897 S. Coast Highway, Ste. F-104
Encinitas, CA 92024

On a Friday night, The 3rd Corner Encinitas location was hopping. This restaurant (which has two other locations in Southern California) is a local hideaway, as evidenced from the mass of people gathered in the bar, waiting for tables. Luckily, they have wines a plenty, with bottles in the back you can even take home.

This is definitely a romantic spot, perfect for a date night or celebration. The noise level isn’t so loud that you have to shout at your partner to be heard. Even during the peak dining hours, the servers are friendly and attentive. The food arrives fresh and fast.

On this trip, we sampled some of the smaller plate offerings, though 3rd Corner offers a robust menu. The smoked salmon plate and tomato hummus were more then enough for two people. The salmon was plated with an offering of eggs, bread, olives, and capers. Our server came by and offered us more crisps for the tomato hummus. Between that and the bread already on the table, we didn’t leave hungry.

It was a chilly night in January and we sat outside on the covered porch, which was cozy and warm. Overhead heaters keep things just temperate enough that you can actually remove your coat and scarf. One of the only drawbacks to sitting outside is that it puts you close to the tracks. The trains slow down when they come through the town, so the roaring of the engines can be a bit loud.

All in all, 3rd Corner was a wonderful dining experience that we’ll be sure to repeat.


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